Questions for the Dev Dudes V2 (other thread timed out)

The other thread timed out and is now locked so I’ve pulled all the unanswered questions from that thread and from a few of the other Announcement threads which didn’t get answered and put them all in one place, as it’s been almost a month since the last Q&A, if you want to see the answers from the previous Q&A you can find them here:

  • Will we see graphic improvements for PCVR? Advanced settings? Please don’t let Quest hold PCVR graphics back
  • Do you plan to address the inconsistencies with the rarities of loot, loot beams and such, see Potato’s post: More consistency in “beam” color for chests and lootbags
  • What class changes do you have planned? Ranger gunna get some love? :wink:
  • You ever going to do something with that wrist slot?
  • Combat logs… Any plans for improving them?
  • Any plans to add more stuff to the API?
  • Are you aware only 2 of the 3 world bosses show up on the API? It seems like something that should be easy to fix and I’ve brought it up before but it never did get fixed
  • What is your favourite thing about reborn? (not all my questions are bad)
  • Could we get a dram cap increase?
  • Can you add a sound for when the dungeon or battleground queue pops up? I’ve missed it sooooooooo many times while on the forums
  • After reading the blog post it says about the raid coming out and mentions the Lore quests from the reputation NPCs, will the rest of the Lore quests be out before the raid? or will they be coming with the raid release? (before if possible as we will want to focus on the raid)
  • I know you’ve said the Reputation levels won’t increase with the next lot of lore quests, right now the weekly missions are important to grind the reputation levels, but once you’ve done that, there isn’t a whole lot of motivation to do them, by now, a year after reborn released there are a lot of players with maxed rep, could we see an increase in rewards from weeklies for those with maxed reputation such as higher exp than daily missions to make up for the reputation we would have gotten if the levels were to carry on?
  • Will you be beta testing the raid like you did for the guild city raid?
  • Are we going to see any fishing improvements? You have to pay more attention than old orbus fishing and get less for the same amount of time
  • How goes the effort to fix Upbeat and the passives on Instruments of Defense and Protection?
  • How much of a shielding effect will Defense and Projectiles be? (10% of dot damage, 50% projectiles [Bard will become super meta on Powered Strikes!] etc) I’m working on a written Bard class guide and things are on hold for the time being on that.
  • Is there any plan to change Paladin in PvP regarding them being able to hammer port quick and far enough to avoid continuing a fight they initiate?
  • What can we do as players to help test things?
  • Do you ever plan to do something with the dragon race so player would use it more?
  • Do you plan to bring back the wilds?
  • Will existing classes receive extensive new content such as those found in suggestion threads? Not specifically, but along the lines of: shamans being able to hold totems and move. More warrior weapons/combos (like DPS warriors). Fixed/updated talent systems? Reworked runemage spells(fireball 3, frost 3, arcane ray, arcane blast)?
  • We’ve seen some “new” and new mobs recently. Can we expect to see this trend continue and fill the world with more diverse combat experiences and enemy models?
  • How do you guys take into account suggestion threads and getting a feel for what the community wants as part of your development cycle? How do you decide what your development cycle is?
  • How aware are you of the looting system and the off-putting inventory nightmare players face?
  • Will we ever have arms and legs?
  • In terms of things the community complains about, what does your priority list look like?
  • Will we see an increase to the stack limit?
  • Can you add a note in the journal saying that the Justice Crescendo gives a Sickness stack in PvP?
  • Will useless talents and abilities be addressed? Like an AoE fireball 3? Arcane Ray? Will you work with the community to discover agreeable fixes?
  • Are you open at all to redesigning some of the existing classes? I mean medium to large changes, not just small tweaks.
  • What would be the class balancing your aiming for?
  • Should all dps be aiming for the same max dps?
  • Should ‘harder’ classes get more dps? if so what makes them ‘harder’ ? how physically demanding it is? how much practice you need to put in? how smart you play the class - for example: positioning, rotation, timing, tilesets ?
  • What do you consider for it as there will always be ‘good’ ‘bad’ and the ugly players so is it balanced for the good players only? or how is it balanced for all the various skills of players?
  • can you make a change to Market Stalls to allow pets and dragons to be seen?
  • Would you consider shared storage between mains and alts or family members? like an extra chest which can only be accessed by those on that account
  • Have you thought about adding “set bonuses” to raid gear?
  • Will there be any changes made to how easily gear fully breaks before it needs repairing?
  • What happened to the 1v1 PvP Arena? Is that still coming?
  • Will you be making changes/expanding on Treasure Hunting in the Overworld or will is be Exactly the same as the DLC version?
  • Will the Island be lvl 30 or level scaled? I would prefer lvl 30 personally so rewards can be aimed accordingly.
  • Will there be a new raid pet and raid mount for us to farm in the new raid at the end of the year?
  • will the hard version of the raid come out around the same time?
  • Are you sticking with normal and hard raids, or are you guys going to revert back to normal, hard, and expert?
  • Character slots - This was on Q&A#1, it wasn’t on the roadmap, I was curious if it’s something that will be done and fitted in between the other bits on the roadmap if and when you get time or if it’s later on the roadmap starting in 2021?

Also, when should we expect to see the next Q&A Blog post?


Would you consider extremely rare truly Unique gear or transmog items that would be highly sought after by endgame players?

Most important question:

Can you provide proof of life of @Riley_D? I know he took a step back from forums but we have yet to see any proof that he’s still alive. Before we send the ransom, we need to know he’s okay.


Question for devs

  • Will there be done more about crashing issues for PCVR and Quest users?