More consistency in "beam" color for chests and lootbags

Currently there is not much consistency in what beam color drops of different rarities have for the chest and loot bags and the rarity color of the item does not match with the color of the beam.

Currently lootbag beam colors are as follows

  • White/green/Common item - Orange beam
  • Blue/Rare items - Blue beam
  • Purple/Epic items - Purple beam
  • Orange/Legendary items - Orange beam(Identical to the one for common items)

While chest beams are like this

  • White/Green/Common items - No beam
  • Blue/Rare items - Orange beam
  • Purple/Epic items - Purple beam
  • Orange/Legendary items - Orange beam(Identical to the one for rare items)

I would like both chest beams and lootbag beams to be like this

  • White/Common item - No beam
  • Green/Les Common item - Green Beam
  • Blue/Rare Item - Blue beam
  • Purple/Epic items - Purple beam
  • Orange/Legendary items - Orange Beam

Basically just have the color rarity of the item match the beam color of the lootbag/chest it is in.
Currently it’s a bit confusing, lacks consistency between chests and lootbags, shares colors for legendaries and common/rare items and is overall just annoying.
Please consider changing it, I don’t see a single reason to have the current colors stay as they are.

Edit: just realized PVP bags might also be different? I’m not too sure on that one tho, but they should obviously also be changed to follow the same color consistency as the lootbags and chests.


This would be an amazing change, I would really like to see this happen


They also need to set some items with a more correct rarity. finding rotten fingers in a purple bag is just sad every time it drops, also some harverstables like water toads that are epic because they were in the wilds but now are found in high quantity in front of highsteppe.


yeah from years of looter shooters and arpg’s my brain is trained to react to color. Every rotten finger is… well a rotten finger :stuck_out_tongue:


Bumping this up as it’s kinda important and effects many parts of the game


bump, should really be changed


Bump here too. This has always been a problem sadly and I don’t get why they made it this way. I guess I also won’t understand why the fireworks sound effect was removed and not re added back in.

As for this PVP bag beam color is based on rarity of the rarest item inside. My guess is that it would use the same colors as regular loot bags as it is handled almost identically.


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