Questions for the Dev Dudes

So I posted this^ in a different thread, and it kinda got buried pretty quick after so I figured, I’d start listing some questions and hope for the best

Here’s my 21 questions:

  • Will we see graphic improvements for PCVR? Advanced settings? Please don’t let Quest hold PCVR graphics back
  • Will you consider adding new overlevel perks? It’s not just about me not having anything to use my unspent points on, but to give us more options to customise our characters to the way we want to play the game, right now, everyone goes for luck 1st, this will change that hopefully, See thread: Overleveling perk points

Will you consider adding new overlevel perks?
Yes, the original 7 were added as the start to the tree. We have been watching the forums, and especially this thread, for ideas on what the players are interested in. One thing to note: as Mathieu said in the above thread, we don’t want these perks to be combat related. We will continue to take player input on what they would like to see added to the tree, and go from there implementing 1-2 new trees to start.

  • Do you plan to address the inconsistencies with the rarities of loot, loot beams and such, see Potato’s post: More consistency in "beam" color for chests and lootbags
  • What class changes do you have planned? Ranger gunna get some love? :wink:
  • Will any of the new mobs in the DLC be level 30+ Red star mobs that we can use for the grinder?

Also a quick update as it was asked in one of the previous threads about the MSP but I couldn’t find it right now, yes we have some level 30+ mob packs in the new zones as well for people to use the Grinding Device on.
Just wanted to confirm we would.

  • Will the grinder be getting any love anytime soon?
  • Can you make the grinder cape drop break down into a shard so it’s not a complete kick in the face to see a purple beam and purple item then it’s a cape that gives you nothing if you’ve had it once before? (same for other capes tbh)

Can you make the capes break down into a shards?
We have always thought of the capes as an achievement slot. There is no way to buy a cape without actually accomplishing that achievement (like killing a World Boss, getting the grinder tool cape, finishing the MSQ in game, etc.) and as such we drop capes off of these activities at a higher rate then we do other items, sometimes up to a 100% drop rate, to ensure that players that want that cape to show off their achievement can get it their first time without having to farm over and over. This would prove to be a problem if they were able to be broken down into shards, which can then be sold/traded, as we would need to restrict their drop rates then.

  • Can we get Aberration like elite mobs to fight? Something that would be aimed at doing solo or with 2 or 3 players rather than a 5 man group
  • Are you sick of reading my questions yet?
  • Do you have any plans for Tinkering to be more useful? (maybe a wrist slot item?)

Do you have any plans for Tinkering to be more useful?
Yes. While I think the Tinkering class is already useful in the fact that it’s a new crafting system to the game and players can create and decorate furniture in their house with the items they make, I think this question was more about wanting to make more usable items that can be put to work in the gameworld. So the simple answer is yes. We do have some new Tinkerer items in the works that are more than furniture pieces and will tie into the above question about the economy and dram, but it’s still being kicked around internally on exactly how we want to do this, so look for more information/discussions on this in the coming months.

  • You ever going to do something with that wrist slot?
  • Combat logs… Any plans for improving them?
  • Any plans to add more stuff to the API?
  • Are you aware only 2 of the 3 world bosses show up on the API? It seems like something that should be easy to fix and I’ve brought it up before but it never did get fixed
  • What is your favourite thing about reborn? (not all my questions are bad)
  • Fellowship chest permissions still coming?
  • Dram, what’s the deal? There is so much dram and resources coming in, all the time, but not really much going out, any plans to fix that? I can’t even use my mass amount of dram to buy legendary overworld drops, because no one cares about dram, even after almost a year of reborn I’ve been unable to buy one of these overworld drops

How can you fix the surplus of dram?
Working on the economy is something that is and has been at the front of my mind for a while. While I don’t think there is any one one thing that we can do to turn the economy around to make players want to spend the dram they currently have, or to make players that currently have no reason to go farm materials/monsters for dram to do this activity, we are looking at the problem and coming up with solutions internally, and will start communicating these ideas with the community to start this process in the coming months

  • Could we get a dram cap increase?
  • Will we be able to buy more character slots any time soon? for dram or even real money

Will we be able to buy more character slots any time soon?
Yes, I don’t have the specifics on how it will work yet, but this is something that I know the community has been asking for and we will schedule time to implement.

  • Can you add a sound for when the dungeon or battleground queue pops up? I’ve missed it sooooooooo many times while on the forums
  • What’s the thing you’re most excited about that will be added to the game?

What’s the thing you’re most excited about that will be added to the game?
I think that I have two things I’m really excited about (well more then that, but I’ll limit it to 2). The first is the boss fight coming out in the Mini Story Pack. I think that the art team did a really great job on the level design and the overall feeling of the level. This, along with the fight itself, and especially one part of the fight: the first time I had play-tested it with the team, I got the same giddy feeling I can remember from way back the first time I used the Fire arrow during our original testing and seeing the Rain of Fire come down. So I really hope, and think, that the community will enjoy the questing dungeon overall and the boss fight, even if it’s different from what we are used to in the game currently.

The second thing I’m really excited about is bringing some of the new MSP mechanics into the overworld, like the Treasure Hunt. I think this is a great system that has been fun to play test, and will lend itself really well to adding new places to explore to the current zones that maybe players haven’t ventured to yet. The exploration, along with this being a consumable that has an expiration time to it, makes me also hope that this will be a hotly traded item between friends, fellowships, and the Auction House.

One more thing I’m excited for (so 3 things I guess) is the upcoming Raid we’re going to be releasing to the game (in the future after the MSP). While we haven’t talked about about it much yet, the terrain and level are really great, along with I think a good feeling of completion when killing one of the bosses. (If you have been playing through the MSQ and also the Lore missions from the Reputation NPCs, I think you will have a good idea of who I’m referring to.)

Edit: added in answers to questions


More Answers to stuff asked elsewhere:

  • What sort of things will be added to the tavern? NPCs? More decorations? Making it less bright?

We have adjusted the lighting already based on some feedback. As far as what will go in the tavern, we talked already about the instanced room that we plan on adding so that a party could have a private meeting place, fellowships, etc. We are also planning on adding some sort of mini game to the tavern, but this will likely be farther down the road. The main draw that we see the tavern providing is a common hangout place for players, along with improved ability for Quest players to be able to see more players in their “complete” (no LOD) form to interact better with the community as a whole, but it is always nice to have something to do while hanging out. One thing that will be coming to the tavern sooner than the mini game is the interactable bottles/cups/etc. like there was in the old tavern, as we know this was a source of entertainment for many players.

  • Fellowship Hall: what purpose will it serve?

Inside the Fellowship Hall there is currently a shared chest that only players in the fellowship can access to deposit and withdraw resources. With the Mini Story Pack patch we will also be adding an update to the Fellowship hall that adds in an additional training room. Inside this room you will find the same practice dummies that are currently in the tavern (lvl 10/20/30 dummies), along with a “boss sized” dummy to practice on. The boss sized dummy currently is the Minotaur boss, but he won’t perform the actions you’re used to seeing in the dungeon. He is essentially just a larger-than-average dummy that will allow you to practice your different skills on something appropriate sized (something that has been requested from the player base), along with an average sized boss room. Here is a screenshot of the area from the fellowship hall.

  • Fellowship/friends list UI improvements? Possible to show the friends list and fellowship list sorted alphabetically with the online players at the top?

This is another QOL improvement that I know players have been asking for: the ability to sort their friends list by online first so they can see who is currently playing. This is something that we will be improving on in the coming months after the MSP is out the door.

  • Are you fixing any of the bugs in game?

Yes, we are actively fixing bugs in the game. We are automatically capturing crash logs from players, as well as using the player-generated in-game reports to track down and fix some of the prevalent bugs. We released our first bug fixes after starting to capture crash logs here, and will have another patch going out on Tuesday, April 14 with more fixes. We will continue to fix these bugs/desync problems and appreciate everyone reporting them to us.
Also as a side note, if you are playing on Quest and are getting kicked to the login screen on a regular basis, you might try the tips here, as we discovered that at least some of these are from the Quest itself trying to switch wi-fi bands, which frequently causes a disconnect.

  • Will the lantern be fixed so it lights up better in caves and the mines/halls dungeons? Can you make it so it always shines even when you’re fighting?

For the Mines/Halls dungeon specifically I have increased the lighting to compensate for the lantern not working currently with classes once in combat and this will be coming out with the MSP patch.
For the lantern, yes, we will be re-working the way it currently works so even if a player has their weapons drawn and fighting it will still emit the light and will increase the lighting. While working on the MSP, we have also added a way to change the ambient lighting in specific parts of a zone, and will be applying this to the overworld caves (so for instance inside of Sarrow’s Cave outside of Highsteppe), but this will not be near as dark as the dungeon was. I always thought it felt strange to enter a cave in game but not feel as though I had walked into anything different from the overworld, so this change (while still not as dark as an actual cave) gives you more of a sense of ambiance and entering a new area. I’ve attached a short gif below just to give an idea of what it will look like, and the darkness of the cave.


Questions I forgot to ask before:

  • After reading the blog post it says about the raid coming out and mentions the Lore quests from the reputation NPCs, will the rest of the Lore quests be out before the raid? or will they be coming with the raid release? (before if possible as we will want to focus on the raid)
  • I know you’ve said the Reputation levels won’t increase with the next lot of lore quests, right now the weekly missions are important to grind the reputation levels, but once you’ve done that, there isn’t a whole lot of motivation to do them, by now, a year after reborn released there are a lot of players with maxed rep, could we see an increase in rewards from weeklies for those with maxed reputation such as higher exp than daily missions to make up for the reputation we would have gotten if the levels were to carry on?
  • Will you be beta testing the raid like you did for the guild city raid?
  • Are we going to see any fishing improvements? You have to pay more attention than old orbus fishing and get less for the same amount of time
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Mishka questions!

How goes the effort to fix Upbeat and the passives on Instruments of Defense and Protection?

How much of a shielding effect will Defense and Projectiles be? (10% of dot damage, 50% projectiles [Bard will become super meta on Powered Strikes!] etc) I’m working on a written Bard class guide and things are on hold for the time being on that.

Is there any plan to change Paladin in PvP regarding them being able to hammer port quick and far enough to avoid continuing a fight they initiate?

What can we do as players to help test things?


Broken record time! Any future plans for the GRINDING device to have more added to it?


Do you ever plan to do something with the dragon race so player would use it more?
Like making montly or weekly dragon race record at the list to get some rare new items to craft a tinkering ring or something like that?

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Do you plan to bring back the wilds?


I would love to ride the dragon around!

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Will existing classes receive extensive new content such as those found in suggestion threads? Not specifically, but along the lines of: shamans being able to hold totems and move. More warrior weapons/combos (like DPS warriors). Fixed/updated talent systems? Reworked runemage spells(fireball 3, frost 3, arcane ray, arcane blast)?

We’ve seen some “new” and new mobs recently. Can we expect to see this trend continue and fill the world with more diverse combat experiences and enemy models?

How do you guys take into account suggestion threads and getting a feel for what the community wants as part of your development cycle? How do you decide what your development cycle is?

How aware are you of the looting system and the off-putting inventory nightmare players face?

Will we ever have arms and legs?

Will we ever have non-disc mounts such as horses?

In terms of things the community complains about, what does your priority list look like?

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When will we find out the release date of the DLC? :grin:

I mean, there’s kind of a horse mount. It’s like the toy horse on a broomstick, but to be honest I like that better than an actual horse lol


Are we suppose to ask these questions? xD And are some of them getting answered in the next month post, or?

It would be hard to do a monthly Q&A if they had no questions to answer, but if you mean do they want us to post them all in this thread, I have no idea, I just figured it would be more helpful and more organised and easy to find if they were all here rather than a load of new threads

Guess we will find out next month xD

Another Bard question:

Why limit our Ultimate to once per 5 minutes, and why not have anything in the journal to tell us?


Riley: "but certainly it might be worth increasing it past 99. We will talk about that internally. "

We never found out if the stack limit might be considered to be increased or not. So asking the question here again.


More Bard stuff:

I’ve been running testing for the past several months to try and get numbers, but maybe you can save me the trouble?

How much of a debuff is Instrument of Defense/Protection supposed to give? For Song Shield, is it a flat % of damage absorbed, is it up to X amount of damage absorbed, is it an increase of armor?

Is there a way to get more Empowered Notes with Encore? My testing shows that with 3 Instruments active, you’re getting an average of one Empowered Note every 5 seconds regardless of Intellect, Wisdom, Luck, Crit. I’m still working on the testing and running numbers, but this, on average, only saves about a second regarding getting your healing crescendos up. At worst, it does nothing because with each Empowered Note giving 1.5 notes for the crescendo, if you don’t get 2 per crescendo it’s wasted. If you hold the crescendo for more than a second, it’s wasted.

Can you add a note in the journal saying that the Justice Crescendo gives a Sickness stack in PvP?

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What sort of server wide stats are you tracking?

Could you do like a report of them from the start of reborn? like for example:

  • Total Monsters killed
  • Total player deaths
  • Fish caught (not weight, but actual fish)
  • Dungeons completed
  • Shard dungeons completed
  • Raid bosses killed (or how many each of the bosses have been killed/which difficulty)
  • Dram made from selling items to the vendor
  • Dram looted
  • Dram removed from AH fees
  • Dram removed from selling market stalls
  • Dram removed from durability repairs (lol)

Okay I could go on but I think you get my point :sweat_smile: I think this stuff would be really interesting to see and Reborn has been out for a year as of Thursday next week so it would be kinda cool to see what has been achieved by the community in the past year, I know we have some of the individual stats on the armory but that doesn’t quite give the full scope

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some more questions:

why do you guys never fixed the damage on rapidity ranger?
do you tried the class for yourself and think its dealing same damage as other class?

do you plan to make warrior usefull for pvp? Maybe increasing damage on player only?

is the musketeer ultimate bug on your fix list? i realy wait for this one
Musketeer Ultimate Bug Thread

Why are musketeer/scoundrel and paladin/shaman not combined into single classes to make fuller classes? cough Hear me out: Merge most pieces of Shaman & Paladin

Will warriors ever get DPS or ranged attacks? Will we ever see a cross-over like wearing a bow instead of a shield? A crossbow instead of a horn? Something. Or different warrior weapons? I would play a ranger-warrior if sword melee dps was improved and this was possible. Sounds cool to pew pew an enemy at range then draw your sword in close range.

Will Paladins ever stop replying on just charges for damage? Like smacking for damage or something to do to kill time in between holding your arm up & taking damage.

Would you consider swapping scoundrel cards for bombs akin to ranger arrows/musketeer orbs that they can toss and explode after X seconds or shoot to explode them early? Or something less rng and cooler than cards (or at least the way cards exist today).

Could we ever see reloading mechanics for scoundrels rather than ammo regeneration?

Could we ever see different types of guns which function differently in damage, attack speed, usable sights, better damage at different ranges, easier curving modifiers, and reloading mechanics? Or customizable guns (like in the class ability slots, put in modifiers such as sights on your gun etc to customize it).

Will useless talents and abilities be addressed? Like an AoE fireball 3? Arcane Ray? Will you work with the community to discover agreeable fixes?

How difficult is it to add back fireworks sfx? Sticky lights?

Are you open at all to redesigning some of the existing classes? I mean medium to large changes, not just small tweaks.

Can you please do something about the item crates and reward chests looking exactly the same? I opened another harvester 3 by accident, destroyed it now but it doesn’t even give a major shard which feels like a scam