Overleveling perk points

As of right now I have 42 unspent perk points because there is nothing I deem worthy of my points and because of that I have nothing to “strive for”

I have the following maxed:

  • Luck
  • Mount speed
  • Weight Capacity
  • Potion making

I haven’t put any points into the following (and will add why)

  • Lure Crafting - The components are so easy to get that there is no point putting points in because by time you grind out the points needed you’ll already have multiple stacks of lure components, more than you’ll need unless all you do is fish which is highly unlikely
  • Potion Ageing - knowing the ageing time greatly reduces any chance of over ageing, the only way I would over age anything would be if I couldn’t get online, having an Oculus quest also greatly reduces this making this very unneeded for myself, most other people use alarms/timers so they don’t over age too which would make this perk useless for them
  • Vendor Discount - I don’t really understand why anyone would put points into this, Dram is so easy to get, and there is almost nothing worth spending it on, especially from vendors, the only thing I can think of is the Dram mount for 1m dram which would save you 100k, you would probably make more just farming the level to get this maxed out (please add more dram sinks to help the economy and make this perk more worthwhile)

So you’re probably thinking, why is this as suggestion thread if it’s just full of information! Well here is what I have so far (totally open to other peoples input)

  • Harvesting Boost - Much like the Potion making and the lure crafting perks 25% chance when harvesting to gain an extra resource (effects both Herbs and Rocks)
  • Cauldron Speed Boost - Increase the speed which the colours change while potion making by 10%
  • Fishing Boost - 15% chance to get 2 fish on catch (not 25% to keep it a little more balanced)
  • Fishing Line Strength - 25% increase to fishing line strength
  • Quick Nibble - Just how intellect increases chance of a bite
  • Reeling Speed - 30% increase to reeling in speed
  • Exp Boost - Permanent 10% Exp increase
  • Movement speed - 10% increased movement speed - Don’t confuse this with mounted speed this is like how shaman gets 10% movement speed
  • Health Regen - Increase out of combat health regen by 30%
  • Artificing - either smaller chance to make a tileset without consuming any tiles, or a medium to high chance to save a random tile when making a tileset
  • Tinkerer - 25% chance when crafting something with tinkering to not consume resources
  • Less consuming - 10% Chance when drinking potions to not use them up
  • Quick ageing - Decrease potion ageing timer by 24 hours
  • Rare Critter Hunter - 25% more likely to encounter a rare critter
  • Dram Cap Increase - allows you to carry 100million dram (provided you can make that much) - Blame Scott
    Dragon Breeder - perk that decreases the breeding time of dragons by 25%

So that’s all I have for the current additions which I’m open to other ideas if anyone has any

Thoughts? Feedback?


While I think that’s an issue for a minority - 8 players got 200+ overlevels, so far and 4 people (me included) are close 300 or above HOWEVER, I am maxing these very same trees (soon done) and also would not really know what to do after that. 5 points I put in Potion ageing already, just for fun, but I really don’t need that; the other two are entirely pointless.

The suggested bonuses by Rickness would be more attractive to go for, double fish and harvesting bonuses most of all. For example I got so much luck however, it barely helps me with double fishes…
5% moving speed I’d find too few though, I would likely put that last since I barely notice it. Overall I’m a bit disappointed with the speed boost, even 10% do not feel like very much, any not-encumbered newbie seems to be faster and at times I think it is simply bugged. I am as fast as everyone else or slower (ruling out the various mount-bugs, I remount and it is still slow; and slowness by gestures or how that’s called is also turned off in settings).


I know this is probably an unpopular opinion but I wish you could use overlevels to get stat or damage boosts like is what on armor prices, like not something major like they only cap at like +5% projectile damage or something like that

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I’d also like something like that but last time I tried to make that suggestion it got shot down hard cause people would have to work for a damage increase and they feel that is unfair

What… you work for it how’s that unfair

Literally how every other mmo is in the entire world

Oh man, this one would make me spend some points for sure.

The other 2 are also SUPER good suggestions. They have far more utility and interest than Lure, Potion aging, and Vendor skills.

I have luck and mount speed maxed, so was working on maxing Weight capacity because “Gotta go fast!”. The others had no interest to me. You’re right in saying that potion making was the only other one with utility. But I just am not the type to enjoy crafting in any MMO I play. I prefer to support those that do get that enjoyment!

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I’m kinda interested @Robert @Mathieu_D what are your thoughts on the overlevel perks? Are there plans to improve it or are you happy with the current perks?

I think strictly speaking on the ones we’ve added that we’re fairly happy with those, though of course some are going to be deemed less useful than others, but if we were to add more then I think ideas along the lines of your original post that don’t affect combat directly are things we’d be looking at.

I understand the appeal of having certain statted or combat bonuses to chase, but I (personally, not speaking for the dev team here) think they would be seen as must-haves and obvious #1 choice, which then means that anyone getting to level 30 freshly would be almost forced to get those first before getting to the other choices if they want to participate in harder end game content, which I think is equivalent to not being a real choice at all.

Of course, it’s difficult to have equally appealing choices to begin with, as players in this thread indicated with some being more appealing than others, but that’s also the nature of these systems. We welcome more suggestions of non-combat perks, just be aware that it’s not a confirmation of us adding more soon. It can certainly give us inspiration of what bonuses players are looking for.


You could introduce the idea that if you have complete
ten Level 15 Shards the selection gets that you can increase your level cap with Perk Points

Instead of increasing the level cap later and making all the gear you got useless and all players get upset :stuck_out_tongue:

Increasing level cap is even further than simple stat increases and they specifically said they wouldn’t be doing that

I’d say perks that increases the chance of gathering an additional ingredient when gathering would be neat. I’m assuming you meant 25% being the max.

The luck thing allows you to have more chances to roll an additional item, which is ok but often leds to more “unwanted” items since it doesn’t affect rare drop rates, just gives you more stuff - but is still good to have.

What I’d like is to decrease the timer on potions :confused: a week is more than I’m willing to wait for a potion I’m only allowed to use once.

Or, perks that increases the chances of not consuming a consumable when using it.

Perks that increases the chances of a shard not breaking after a failed run.

Basically, perks that increases the chances of not having to deal with inconveniences or help with grinding.


This would be a nice one

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Mmmh a solution for that would be having a seperate perk tree for combat related stuff. I am still a big fan of having such a reward implemented. Even if the boost of health, crit chance, stength etc… would be small.

For non combat stuff maybe something like:

  • A small permanent xp boost (to help overlvling)
  • Increase in rare critter spawn
  • Actually having the potion making couldren go faster (I would kill for this one!)

On another random thought it would have actually made sense if the system of overlvl points would only be spend on combat related stuff. Because most people getting alot of overlvls earn it through combat related stuff.

And then the perks we have now should have been infinately increasing (but less and less effect never going past a specific percentage) by buying it with dram. This would have been the ultimate dramsink and loop of economy. You can make more pots because you spend dram? Good, now you can make more dram with those more pots.


I wouldnt say people would be forced to pick combat perks though. They can choose others, just so happens to be the perks people would pick over the others x3

A separate overlevel tree would help in that case as scott stated.

This is already the case with luck, which gives you an advantage on non-rare drops, so almost everyone is choosing this (higher percentage of normal gear dropping).

However, as for combat-related boosts, I got an issue adding more of these, since logically they are, normally, tied to combat-progress (higher level dungeons = higher level gear). Yes, some people earn it through ‘fighting’ (grinding), but by far not all, and there is not much progress here, the mobs stay always same level. I don’t grind with my musky in wastelands, at all, it is too tedious, same as with shaman. All my overlevels I do is by doing quests and events. Now if doing quests and sitting mindlessly at easy events all day gives a fighting advantage over other level 30 players (endgame), I dunno.

Also in the end of day those who are longer in the game and/or are able to play all day got a major advantage, since doing all these overleveling activities takes so much more time. So even if people are excellent in their class and already able to succeed in shard 15s they might be behind others who spent months in overleveling before, just because of lack of time and no easy way to catch up and I don’t think that is good for groups.


Idk how big of a boost your thinking about, but the boosts are so minor that it won’t make the difference between catching behind or not. At-least nothing but a mind game. And even if it did in the small % I am talking about, I rather want to give someone an advantage that worked for it than someone who can in theory just get it from being carried through a 15 for gear.


I really like these, the reduction on potion aging timer probably wouldn’t be more than 24hr though if they did additional 24hr for over aging

It got me thinking and could also have

  • Artificing - either smaller chance to make a tileset without consuming any tiles, or a medium to high chance to save a random tile when making a tileset
  • Tinkerer - 25% chance when crafting something with tinkering to not consume resources

I am personally focused on having upgrades that are getting rid of easier to get materials or dram. (e.g. the faster pot crafting for material burning). Or rather avoid having more perks in the game that makes abundant materials even more in abundance.

But I notice that the rock Obsidian is considered rare. So maybe a chance on grabbing a double rock would be a cool perk point.


Rocks I consider harvestables so that would be included in that perk

As for the abundance of materials and dram, I don’t really have a solution to that, we need more dram sinks for sure

Maybe a perk to increase dram cap? I know there are a few of us that have too much dram incase it ever becomes useful