Oculus Quest FAQ and Common Issues/Workarounds

With a large influx of players of late especially on the Oculus Quest, some issues and questions have been cropping up repeatedly about some Quest-specific items that have solutions and we thought putting these in one place would be helpful.

Problem: I am frequently getting disconnected from the game.

This is usually an issue with the WiFi bands settings of your home router. If your router is set to output on both the 2.4hz frequency and the 5.1hz frequency, the Quest will switch between the two at random when it thinks one is more powerful than the other. When it does so, it will briefly disconnect you and the game will kick you out for not being connected.

You must either disable one of the bands in your router settings (see how to access them here, please note all routers are different), or you can make them be independent SSIDs so you connect to them independently.

Problem: I am frequently crashing out of the game and sent back to the Dashboard.

There are multiple causes for this, and we’re still investigating them as well as hoping to have more ways to track them in the near future - but some may be caused by the issue mentioned above, and some may be remedied by making sure your Quest headset has been freshly rebooted before launching OrbusVR. We’ll keep you updated on any improvements we make to stability.

Problem: Other players cannot hear me.

Verify that you gave the game permissions to use the microphone when you first launched it. You can double check by finding the game in your library and pressing the side menu (should be a three-dotted icon) and going to permissions. Additionally, if you are using the Oculus Link feature, make sure you have all the newest updates installed as they just patched in the functionality a few days ago at the time of this post.

Problem: I cannot see other players’ mounts, right hands, pets, or see weather effects.

The Quest runs on a very limited performance budget (being midway between phone and PC hardware) and many performance-saving measures had to be taken in order to fully realize a large and open world and game with many players around at the same time. The above are all steps that had to be taken, however, as the Quest receives more updates and developers find new ways to improve performance, we will take a look at what remains necessary over time and what we’re able to remove.
In terms of weather specifically, we plan on having a secondary way to see weather for gameplay reasons in the future.

Problem: Other players pop in and out of ghost mode when I’m around them.

See above answer - it is important to render only a certain amount of players at once to be able to keep framerate constant. The closest 10 players will usually display, but note that party members will always display fully so if you’re doing group activities with friends, be sure to party up.

Problem: I can’t find where the Selfie Bot pictures are when I take them.

Oculus quest selfie bot pictures can be located here once plugged into a PC:

This PC\Quest\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.orbusvr.OrbusVR\files\screenshots

If anyone has any suggestions for more resources pertaining to the Quest experience, or functional workarounds for issues, feel free to PM me and I will get them added. Thanks!


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