Quick Transmog System Teaser


Hey everyone, we thought you’d be excited to see a preview of the upcoming Transmog System so we just posted a quick video here: https://twitter.com/OrbusVR/status/1015398626078658561/

It’s still a work in progress, but it gives you an idea of what you’ll be able to do. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes now that their creativity can be unchained!


Exciting! Thanks for an update!


That sword gives me goosebumps. Can’t wait crosses fingers I hope that comes with the update


Transmog is always nice for fashionists… On the other hand I guess its negative for people who wanna show off


T12 starter wand? Done. Bringing wilds mage gear back? Done.


I love being able to wear what I want to wear in a game and not be forced to be dressed in whatever my highest stat gear pieces look like. =)

(The Secret World hooked me in with that paradigm; none of your clothes had stats on them so you could wear whatever you wanted or could afford.)


Has any consideration be given to how dyes on current items and skins will be managed with the transmog update? Just curious if controls for those will be wrapped into the update as well. A dye selector where you could “spend” dyes to unlock them for pieces would be pretty nice, but probably a handful more for development.


Hopefully transmog will take our current dyes into account. Dying gear again and again gets super old.


Yeah I figured if there was some sort of color changing mechanism, you’d at least be able to use the base color and ones you’ve had on that piece before.


Dyes will work as they have been, where for example if you have a green chestpiece equipped and transmog something else on top of it, it will stay green unless you change the dye after, so you won’t need to re-dye stuff to keep your color scheme.


Quick question… Is there any limit to what the transmog system will allow each piece of gear to change to?

For example, if I wanted to, could I change my starter wand to a chicken wand? Or is the transmog function limited to whatever level of armor it is (Basic, green, blue, wilds, tradu, shards, shards t6+, normal raid, hard raid) and lower?


You will unlock skins by dismantling items into shards, so you would have had to have acquired the item somehow already (with likely some exceptions, like starter items that can’t be dismantled for example.)

Other than that, there’s of course the class restriction.


Awesome, that sounds great.

Will veteran players have to go back and farm old sources of gear and re-deconstruct their items in order to transmog to that design with current gear?


You will have to re-get the items you’ve previously deconstructed. We don’t have a way to see what you’ve deconstructed before this update, so all skins will be locked for you until you get them again.


How does this work when it comes to using items at the gear infuser in guild city to upgrade our gear? Will we need to collect that piece again for transmog?


It will unlock the skin when infusing also.


MVP right here! Thank you!


Awesome! Thank you for that!


Will we be able to transmit back our helmet to the half ranger hood of alpha days?


Do you have a way to collect that old gear?