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:sparkles: Welcome to the very much delayed episode one. How to Tank Boss 4, as the Boss Tank! :sparkles:


so you say that you have to take 2 orbs and dps take 1. is that just for this style of tanking because I’ve seen several tanks just take all 3 completely fine and tbh that seems better because your dps aren’t at risk of dying.


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She says “An easy orb rotation…”.

Not “You have to use this method”.

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Thank you for watching the video, and for your feedback/questions @Xenocider, I apricate you taking the time.

There are other options, however they come with more risk to the party as a whole. This is an easy to follow orb rotation that allows for flexibility + safety in play.

If all the boss side players have unbending, the worst they are going to have to worry about on orb phase is unbending, death is only a 2+ ball issue for a dps/healer with unbending.

If the tank uses that rotation, then if something goes wrong (say they crash or experience a lag spike, which as we all know does happen. Or say the orbs/boss becomes invisible to some players which also happen frequently enough to be factored in). Then the boss dps and heals can rotate on each line taking a single orb each, and all survive the whole time until the issue sort’s itself out.

If none of them have unbending, then in those situations that is probably going to be a wipe; a wipe that could have been prevented.


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  1. do you need a specific way to throw your hammer to ensure you get the right amount of pips/stuns?

  2. When blocking orbs is it allowed to tele block multiple orbs as a tank if you’re capable and knows what you’re doing or is that a deemed to risky?

  3. how to remain calm during boss tank?

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Thank you for your questions @Zalobro, I appreciate you taking the time to ask. :relaxed:

No specific way; the speed you throw & call back your hammer matters though. You want it on the way back to you at about 1/2 way through the stun-stack and hitting the boss again before the stack runs out completely.

On portal phase while everyone is waiting you can use your shield and tele-block multiple orbs, keep in mind that your shield only lasts for 2 orbs though.

In addition to that, once your party has commenced combat with the adds in hell, you can keep to blocking 1 at a time for safety or try more if you feel comfortable with getting those pips off your hammer. You need to at that point save your shield for when the boss reengages though, as he could TB you immediately.

That just comes with time & experience. :smiley:


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