Raid armor transmog question

so currently classes share the same armor type example; scoundrel and ranger are leather. so i was wondering if my transmogs from raids and shards on my ranger would be worn by my scoundrel too?
I would definitely like this to be a thing so my ranger and my scoundrel can look amazing

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Same armor class so I believe it will.

Shard gear is still driven by the same system as overworld gear, so Scoundrel and Ranger would both share the same leather armor.

Raid gear is class-specific, so the Scoundrel would have one set and the Ranger would have a different set.

but what about the transmogs we bring from old orbus? will they be class specific and limited to the original classes or will we be able to use them on the new classes as well. having all the mage armor be in the cloth category, warrior in plate and musketeer/ranger in leather?

Oh I see. I hadn’t really thought about that before. Most likely we will convert those to use the cloth/leather/plate system so they can be shared across the new classes as well.


Yeah, that is what I meant, it would be cool if I can wear my old orbus armor on scoundrel.

I would like to throw my opinion in and request that the armor from old orbus be class specific.

I’d prefer it be cloth/leather/plate based for the old transmog styles, will give us more options :smile:


What do you believe the benefit to be from this out of interest?

I personally like being able to look at certain armor sets and being able to tell the class. This is the only “benefit” but because this is cosmetic, having the Orbus armor available to wear with the new classes is not in my opinion a “benefit” only my preference. But I get your question and I am being to specific on the meaning of the word benefit.
I liked the set of armor I wore in old Orbus and for purely selfish reasons I liked it belonging to only my fellow musketeers, or other classes, that earned it by fighting with that class.
Part of my issue with the mines and raids was that people often switched classes just to get gear for a class they didn’t play. I am thankful to the devs for putting levels to the armor to help slow the benefits when someone does that.
The armor was class specific in Orbus and I personally would not mind if it remained class specific.

I’m one of those people who got some of the raid gear on secondary classes that I have no intention of ever playing… I only started doing that when Reborn was announced and I guessed I’d be able to grab the cosmetic for the new ones I actually want to play

I think that could create a pretty interesting diversity, seeing a bard in old runemage transmogs could be trippy… but the mix’n’match might lead to some pretty interesting results.

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Bard wearing runemage attire is Dumbledore approved :sunglasses: