Raid bugging out crazy

The Citadel raid has bugged out repeatedly today.

It crashed in the middle of a boss fight so that the entire raid reset.
Several people can’t go through portals, including the Boss 4 portals, leading to repeated wipes.
Adds in Hell have been invisible, leading to wipes because we can’t see or target or hit what’s killing us, and we can’t leave hell until the invisible immortal add dies.

We’ve spent over 45 minutes on Boss 4 because the game repeatedly bugs us out to where we can’t kill it. This is a group that has shown repeated success on this boss and this is getting aggravating.

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We just finished all Hell phases and THE BOSS LEASHED UPON US RETURNING FROM HELL.

If we wipe because we screw up I can accept that.

But this is repeatedly us doing the mechanics correctly and the game screwing us over.

I’m loading orbs into my Musket and they unload.

This is a circus right now. Even I’m at the end of my rope and I give this game a lot of slack.

Did you at least get the pet?

Our group has given up because we’ve now successfully completed the mechanics as we’ve done multiple times, and Orbus has crashed the raid causing the whole raid to reset, leashed the boss causing us to reset, given us invisible enemies causing us to wipe and reset, made enemies immortal causing us to wipe and reset, refused to let healers heal which caused us to wipe and reset.

This is ridiculous.

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No, because the boss fight is impossible under these conditions. We literally can’t kill the boss because nothing is working.

We apologize for the issues and frustration, and we’ll investigate and see what we can find out about what happened.

We’re also hoping the patch today will improve stability across the board to the server.

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Is there no way for us to get the token that we deserve? Again, we’ve all killed this boss repeatedly, we were doing the mechanics properly but we weren’t rewarded with the loot that we should have been given. The game itself caused us to be unable to complete it, not our skill or mistakes. We did everything correctly but are now punished because of the game’s bugs.

We’ll take a look at the logs and see what we are able to do, let me get back to you this week.

Regarding the crash you all experienced with the instance resetting, we found it and fixed it just now.

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there is invisible mob in the raid also will that be fixed

after the server update, there was still an invisible mob.
it was a spawned add, during the final boss fight.
in the boss room, not the portal.

whereas before the server update, I also experienced an invisible mob during the final boss fight but it was located in one of the portals.


Okay, we’re investigating this further, sorry about that.

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