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Okay I wanted to make a post about the current raid content so it can be taken into consideration for reborn while you are working on it, a lot of this post might just be me rambling on but as someone who has cleared all content in this game I feel like giving feedback on it, maybe valuable to making reborn that little bit better. Who knows

Progression - the progression felt very lax, you didn’t need to kill the final boss in 1 mode to get to the next, so you could go in to hard and expert and farm the 1st few bosses each week without progressing through the content, this is partly a problem because of how the drops work, having every boss able to drop the same loot makes it so you can just kill the 1st boss on hard/expert mode and get the best weapon/gear in the game without clearing the previous content and be as geared as those that are clearing all the content, this could be avoided by making it so boss 1 drops gloves, boss 2 helm, and so on and having it so at least the party leader needs to have killed the final boss of normal to go to hard, yeah it won’t completely stop people from skipping content but it will hopefully get people to focus on progression rather than easy loot

Loot - Not going to go too much into the loot system as there was a decent thread covering it a while ago but killing 3 expert bosses and not a single person gets a drop, doesn’t feel rewarding, even with the token system. Also what I said above about different drops from different bosses to help give incentive to people to clear the content rather than letting them farm boss 1 each week.

Expert mode - I know you’re not doing expert mode in reborn and for that I’m not too sad lol, but for some of it, it was really fun, some however was not, the gear looking exactly the same as the previous mode was super disappointing, having higher stats is one thing but it’s nice to be able show off that you’re progressing through the content by having that awesome new look. The near perfection needed for some of the later bosses was a bit much too.

  • Boss 1 - Short and sweet, a lot of pressure on the tanks, butt AoE still an issue and causes wipes if not enough clearance given
  • Boss 2 - This quickly became one of my favourite fights once we no longer killed the adds, please consider our max damage output and then boss health and add health+spawn rate of adds when having adds in boss fights in reborn, we deemed it impossible on release of expert so tried to focus the boss down instead and have the adds being kited the whole time, this worked well and became our strat for all difficulties, Not just expert, I love being a muskie on this fight when I get chance to do it, so does the rest of the muskies I’ve played with, even if it’s their alt class, everyone seems to like kiting the adds (though some people’s computers can’t handle it so well)
  • Boss 3 - Took a long time to figure the strat out for this one, fight still feels a little too long but no real issue with it, apart from muskies turrets can bug out the boss which I’ll come back to later
  • Boss 4 - This fight changes completely on each difficulty, normal mode, we ignore bells cause they are too much hassle, hardmode 2 mages sit and do nothing but frost 2 between 3 bells each and then expert requires a special group comp due to the bell requirement, hitting 6 bells in a 1 second window without using any form of damage over time in a 10 man group is just bad… over half the group has to stop to do bells, we did it using 4 rangers (had to get rid of bleed) and 2 muskies on bells, mages couldn’t do them without changing talents and losing damage. Please never do this again… also the bells are too high up which means you have to look away from the fight to do them, this can result in some nasty AoE situations, orbs on mist keeper are better height than the bells, it also can give neckache to those on bells all night when wiping on the boss all night. This boss has been killed twice expert, once by us pre-nerf and then once by EK after that, there is no point doing it as the requirement/difficulty is so bad, and the reward isn’t worth it, the pet doesn’t drop there (should drop but at a higher rate due to harder difficulty in my opinion) so we just walk past every time now
  • Boss 5 - is challenging but do-able and fun now that the hell bro has been changed to no longer agro straight away, there is still the issue of getting targeted by AoE coming out of hell, there is a buff to reduce the damage but I still get unbended by it in full expert mode gear (happened last night in fact) these fights still take too long, one thing I never really liked about boss 5 is the rotating damage reduction buff he gets, it seems kind of pointless, if he took increased damage from the other type while he had resistance to one that would be a lot more interesting and fun but instead it’s either reduced mage damage (and rangers special arrows) or reduced ranger damage, kind of sucks for rangers eh? and it doesn’t really add much to the fight other than making it a longer fight. The portal that opens after boss 3 is killed should take you closer to boss 5 after boss 4 is killed, it’s a long run back after a wipe and it causes a lot of downtime, I know this won’t get changed now but please consider this in reborn

Muskie Turret
This gets it’s own bit cause our muskies really aren’t happy with it and I feel it needs addressing

  • Default on attack - the turret is on attack by default when logging in, you’ve stated that muskie is the primary healer with the big heals and bard will be more of a support type, if it’s primary healer can we please get the turret start on heals!
  • Boss agro - on boss 3 if the turret is on attack or empowered with poison it can cause the boss target the turret which causes the boss to freeze up for a rotation which normally means a wipe unless it’s noticed quickly and the whole group reacts very very quickly
  • Pools - on boss 5 if the turret is on attack or empowered with poison it can receive the debuff and then drop a pool, this can lead to really bad pool situations and the pools also kill turrets (which I know turrets dieing is intended) however this stops muskies from being able to use their turret to attack on boss 5
  • Stun - the turret can steal the warriors stun if it’s placed poorly which can also mess things up for the warrior, really seems like this shouldn’t even be a thing? Friendly fire and all that

Additional challenge without Expert mode
This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, the quest for tradu was a grind but the cape is one of the best looking capes in the game and totally worth getting, without a doubt, however that is just a grind quest, one of the things I loved when I played WoW was additional achievements during raids that when the whole set was completed you’d get a special mount, some of these achievements changed the way you did the fight completely, it added extra challenge and some of them were super difficult, but it was there for those that wanted that extra challenge. Some of it was to kill in a certain time, some was for killing a certain amount of adds, doing a hard fight without anyone dying, killing X and Y with-in a certain amount of time of each other, doing a fight without killing X, Y, Z, anyway you get my point and you may already be familiar with them.

Ready Check
A way for the Raid leader to be able to check if everyone is ready before the fight would be a great addition to the raids in reborn


Ready check. Hell. Yes.


Something cool would be to give certain bosses unique drops with unique Armour pieces, Rings and weapons which have stats/looks different to normal tier armour.

Example, Lord Bosun dropping a unique helm for Runemages which would have less armour then the normal Runemage helmets at that shard level but could give + Attack power.


Yes yes yes. Maybe some wrist armor and mixed stats! Would make min/maxing much more fun in my opinion.


Awesome post. As for this point “play and get nothing” is likely a general issue of Orbus, for example if you get only a handful dram from the first dungeon you work thru as a new player, nothin much at all from doing the queue with a lvl 20, not one single shroom while investing an hour to sneak through Lamavora Wilds and so on.

According to armory I killed 66 raid bosses, 10 on hard and I remember exactly 2 drops from normal mode, one of those I did not need. Sure tokens are nice, and yet I can’t even be sure if there’s magic or phys def on it, in the worst case I need 3 times the tokens to get one needed piece.
So, seriously, why such a low drop rate, also the raid gear is outdated in couple weeks and we play so many evenings to basically not get anything in return. I do hope this changes in Reborn.

For the same reason I am against progression drops, there’s only a small number of players which are able to form raid groups at all and if only the first boss is farmed once a week it’s already incredibly slow to get a full set, even with higher drop rates. The reward of doing more is more chances for loot; cosmetics, pets, achievements to show off are better imo than lockin out most of the player base from certain gear. Also it’s a matter of time, if there’s a need to kill x normal bosses before, people need to reserve hours for raids which was a total rl-killer back in WOW when they had those 6-8h lasting 40man raids.

Change Turret Default on attack++
Ready Check++


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