Rain effect in Reborn


Loving the new changes to rain. Much better than the previous version. I do have one complaint which is minor. The ripple effect when rain drops hit the ground are a bit too dramatic. Would it be pissible to decrease the splash range and possibly lower the opacity of it. Maybe it’s just me but I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts.


The only thing I noticed was that the ripple effect would happen in the air above rocks and stuff


I thought the ripple effect of the drops hitting the ground looked cool and a nice touch. I’m not going to argue for it to not be tweaked, but as-is didn’t bother me.


The beta rain was much improved over the previous rain effects. Rickness is correct, the ripple effect was a little off on collision, but with a touch of tweaking the rain will be perfect.


I do like the ripple effect a lot, just think it could be adjusted slightly.