Random bugs and game mechanic complaints

prison door broke on exit couldn’t leave without teleport glitch through wall
the quest to get dragon tooth is not updating when you kill him but still able to finish quest
i use smooth locomotion almost exclusive but sometime when i do teleport i will end up in complete different zones
sometime my musket attack quit effecting anything and have to re log to fix it. it also quit showing there animation when it hit something

i still can’t change the musket turret orb with a trigger pull (not a bug just an disliked game mechanic)
still wish i could walk up stairs and not teleport when i get to them (not a bug just an disliked game mechanic)

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also cutscenes have static in audio and cant hear them well
the escort pilgrim quest is broke because the pilgrim will solo all the mobs he encounters and you have to do nothing to help him

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I agree on the stairs issue. perhaps let us walk up the ramp using locomotion and teleporting into the blue barrier launches you to the top. i find it wildly disorienting suddenly being teleported

i’ve also had creatures stop taking damage it’s like my weapon is actually somewhere else. if i throw out a turret it can attack them but i can’t hurt them or heal me.


Hi there, sorry about the issues, we’re working on getting stuff fixed.

  • Prison door may be fixed with the most recent patch today, if not it will be very soon.
  • Teleporting, you mean you go teleported far away?
  • Do you have any clue what usually happens last before the musket stops working?

2nd point yes teleporting across multiple zones but has not happened since last patch like narrow orchard to hi-step with a locomotion teleport.
3rd point not really usually in combat but does not seem to be a pattern just happened about 5 mins ago
no worries was a beta tester you dont have to say sorry to me i know how game development works

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the door to the bishop Romas chambers need work handle is really heard to find and the high commander did not help in the fight against Romas she stood there then disappeared mid fight

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