Random Crashing


Seem to be randomly crashing while playing the game. Sometimes I go hours and its fine, but just now I’ve crashed consistently every 5 minutes after playing, about 3 times in a row…
Doesn’t seem to be any correlation as to what I’m doing when it crashes either.
I’m playing on the HTC Vive with the standard controllers, Intel Core i5 7600 CPU and
MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Armor OC 8GB GPU.
Also going to email the output log as of posting this, just wondering if anyone knows if theres a common problem here, or an easy fix?


Well take a look at the output log and see if anything seems off. Couple follow up questions, when you say crash do you mean to the desktop and application closes, or crash back to log in screen. Also what connection type are you on (bottom left of login screen)


Its on the default setting for connection type, and the application completely crashes, without any error message. I’d say about half the time it follows up with Steam also crashing, but given that this doesn’t always happen I’m not sure how related it’d be? (I have noticed that Steam plays up while playing other VR games, but never to the point where any of them crash). Thanks for looking into it


What headset are you using? That might give a little insight.


Mentioned in the original post that I’m using an HTC Vive


My bad. One thing I could suggest is possibly verifying game integrity or reinstalling the game if you have not already. The game sometimes logs you out but this is the first I heard of a game crash.


Ye, I’ve verified, and actually reinstalled it onto my SSD in hopes of general improvements not specifically related to the problem (but with it in mind). Haven’t played in a day, so might jump on soonish and see how it runs


This actually started for me during a raid. I crashed to desktop 3 times.
Oculus Rift running the steam version