Ranger improvement

well I mean firing an arrow fast and hitting a target also takes skill, and rune mages have to draw perfectly which also takes skill.

There is a cap on runemage. It is the fps in combination with the amount of points you need to draw to trigger the spell. Funnily enough runemages are close to that limit already. Unless increasing your client fps will bypass that. I have no clue though if the draw fps is connected to client fps or not.

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I would guess client FPS is connected to draw FPS, but it could also not be.
FPS would also be a theoretical cap for “uncapped” rapidity, tho it would be humanly impossible to even get close to.

The difference between rummage cap is that it is so much harder to get to and you can still do insane amount of DPS at the same time and fps can’t be a cap just get a PC. Unlike rapidity ranger you can only shoot 3 arrows per second with barely any DPS compared to any other class.

eh, yes it can, your FPS is capped to your headsets refresh rate.
Either way, it’s besides the point. Ranger is capped too low and should have an increase to it’s cap.


Yes this is not a argument about rummage it is a argument about ranger being unfairly capped.

so mostly everyone agrees that cap needs to be 5-6/sec but the devs wont add it

I don’t think they won’t add it I just hope they can address it soon. Or at least reply to the message chain here and say that they will look into it.

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unfortunately, i doubt this will ever be addressed. getting classes boosted took mishka folding himself in and out 15 times before it got considered.

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You know how hard it was to find rapidity rangers and True Affliction mages?

I laid out how I did all the work that got results. If yall want change you know what to do :smiley:

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We have a leaderboard with tons of data for that now :innocent:

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Thanks MathB the best rapid ranger***

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:joy: I’m dead

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ik that this discussion practically ended but I’m too lazy to make a new thing

little experiment, + showcase of rapidity

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