Ranger improvement

Hello I am ÂÇÊ in the game I have been playing for a long time and I have noticed that rapidity ranger is not as good as one thinks only because of the 3 hits per second thing. (I know the back story of this) but I do play rapidity and I average around 4 hits per second. I think if you up the hps to 4 instead of 3 in doing so can improve the game play. Also to avoid a law suit just put a disclaimer under the talent saying that you are not responsible for any injury’s sustained by picking this talent. If you guys are able to do this rapidity ranger is a more viable play style.


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Certainly! I strongly agree, being rapid-ranger demands so much physical efforts that a disclaimer could be handy

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I don’t think a disclaimer is needed to be, it’s in the name
rapidity: the quality of moving or reacting with great speed

rapidity ranger: ranger but fast

I agree but someone sued because they hurt their arm playing rapidity ranger and their solution to the problem was to cap the amount of arrows that actually deal damage to three which is the real problem because now you’re just putting a limitation on a class which is unfair. I genuinely don’t think that they’re needs to be a disclaimer but for their safety in terms of the law there should be.

I understand.

I don’t know what else to say

Also I don’t thing it should be uncaped or an increase in the Cap. Just a curve off damagelike traplisaty

No if they curve it it will not be playable at all you already do crappy damage and is less viable than precision

i don’t agree with a curve but i do think that rapidity needs to be uncapped + a slight damage boost depending on what people are hitting with the proper tiles and all

Not to mention it is really hard to get a accurate parce dou to hitting 3 per second and having the 4th arrow do 1 damage Wich tanks tie parce

Skill issue

Someone went to the emergency room for fishing. People get RSI on their wrists from mage. If we limit activities due to injury VR would disappear.


Is this true that it actually happened or a myth we’ve been telling ourselves? From what I understand preborn was “uncapped” and this only was introduced with the talent tree added.

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Was before preborn and talets as well, the cap was introduced for the 3rd preborn closed beta.
No hint at it being due to injury or any sort of lawsuit, but rather to “prevent system abuse in the future”

Patch Notes - OrbusVR Wiki (October 20, 2017)

Ok that makes sense but rapidity ranger is still really bad I normally shoot 4 a second wich is a comfortable shooting speed and when I slowed down to 3 a second I was hitting 50,000 dps from 40 meters away with a +5 bow which is significantly less damage than a +5 precision.

ya i’ve played rap and 3 per sec is not as fast as people think. i think if they really really need a cap, increase it to 5 a sec or something.

if we limit activities due to injury, everything would disappear. just part of life.


So they are ok with limiting ranger but they refuse to limit rummage.

Runemage has a much, much higher skill requirement.

Yes but rummage doesn’t have a cap on how much dps it can do witch is what ranger has like I have stated before I have a plus 5 legendary bow with bleed on it and the max DPS I can pull without pots is 50,000 DPS now any other class can pull a lot more so if they remove the limitation to hit per second it will help to balance out ranger a little bit more. On a side note I don’t see how you can necessarily abuse the system with rapidity ranger. You would still have to pull the bow back all the way for the maximum amount of damage it’s not necessarily system abuse.