Ranger Practice Question

There’s a poorly phrased poll/post from the developer of Serious Sam VR on the Oculus subreddit right now discussing how aiming a bow works in a VR game, whether you aim with your front hand only, or use a combination of front and rear hands. Another way of putting it is:

“Some bow models allow you to aim with the bow hand independently of the position of the hand on the string. That is to say, you can roll/pitch/yaw the front hand to aim the bow in a way that is not possible for a real bow because the tension of the string holds bow in a fixed position wrt the bow hand.”

Basically, you can aim by twisting/rotating just your wrist on the front hand instead of moving your entire arm/torso, like you have to with a real bow. I’ve got 2 questions.

  1. Which aiming method is used in Orbus.
  2. What existing VR game would anyone recommend as a good way to practice Orbus-style aiming for the Ranger.

I realize question 2 is difficult as the physics of arrow flight are unlikely to be exactly the same, but if there is a game that just feels similar to Orbus, I’d love to know so I can get used to the mechanic ahead of beta/early access.

reddit topic link for those interested: https://np.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/68ru4b/do_you_prefer_one_handed_or_two_handed_vr_bow/

I’d say TricksterVR is the most similar as far as VRchery physics go.

Also, I didn’t play the ranger class very much (I may this weekend) and so maybe others will comment, but I think the actual aiming is not the gating behavior on excellence in the class. It’s probably more about grabbing the arrows efficiently, knowing which arrows to use when, and when to use your special.

I’m sure there is some room for advancement in the class through aiming, it just seems like less of an issue.

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First off let me just say this is a game so twisting your wrist does change the flight of the arrow.

That being said. I have been a Archer for most of my life, 30 years. An (Instinctive Shooter) as it is called. After playing many of the archery games out in VR one thing still stands true, even in VR the fundamentals of archery still hold true.

When you draw a bow even a virtual bow it is a natural motion, stand true, draw, focus,let lose. Even in VR it holds true, your eye knows what it is looking at. Draw, focus, and fire. You do not aim a bow is not a gun,
you focus and let your body do the rest. Most the the games out there try and over think or over exaggerate the anchor point witch can make it feel a bit unnatural when trying to find a anchor point.

I have to say as soon as I got in Orbus and tried the Ranger I was beside myself on how good it felt to let a arrow lose in the game.

Granted the arrow flight in games does differ from game to game. But as an Archer it is no different from shooting bows that have a different draw weight.

As for a game that will feel as good as Orbus, (Longbow) in The Labs is the closest to how Orbus feels like to me.

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