Rare fish spawns not up if no one is in zone


It seems that if a rare fish is set to spawn and no one is in the zone it doesn’t spawn. If you enter the zone moments later the rare fish will not be there. This makes is much harder to find these rare fish as many of the zones have no one in them much of the time. Especially in off peak hours. I’m not 100% sure this is correct but I think this is happening.


Thanks for reporting. I’m not sure if that’s the case, but the server does unload zones that nobody has been in after a while for performance reasons, so it is possible. You would have to get there before the time it’s supposed to spawn if that’s the case.

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I believe that is what is happening. It really makes the fish hard to find and takes the fun out of going looking for rare fish. You basically have to go hold the zone open for a while and wait to have a reasonable chance at finding them. It would be nice if when the zone started up it would spawn any fish that should be up in that time frame.


Thanks for posting, could very well be… I am almost only fishing and farming in off-peak hours (like, 5-12 people on the whole server) and yea I am alone in zones most of the time except for the one around HS. Possibly they should spawn more, but never do, the ONLY reliable spot I found was HS (which is useless though, due to the overlaps… however, it would explain why I found anything, at all there). I quit my research for patterns after so many wasted hours, long ago, only staying up nightly every few weeks to fish the most necessary rares during US times.

The unload in general is - very - convenient for those salvaging in off-hours since zones reset all the time and you can harvest everything again. And yet it is - very - unconvenient for those trying to do events since they don’t seem to start either if nobody’s there. So if you’re going by the armory list, often enough you will not find the ongoing event, not even those which can’t be finished before time runs out. Except you are there before they start, which made me quit event-farming also, during these times.

Not sure if that related issue could be fixed as easily, since the events can’t likely be provided at the exact point they should be when entering a zone without keeping it up, permanently, but at least for the fish there should be an easy fix, as Landru suggested.