Rare monsters/notorious monsters


I would LOVE to see a system in this game that is final fantasy 11 inspired. Basically this is just having several rare spawns scattered throughout the world. These would have anywhere from 1 hour respawn timers up to a week. Difficulty can vary from soloable to requiring a group(s). These would ideally drop rare items. One or the biggest adrenaline rushes came from wandering around and discovering these rare monsters and if an item dropped it was even more exciting. Let me know your thoughts!


I remember seeing a post from one of the devs that they are planning to add this in the future.


Yes!! I sometimes have an early day and would enjoy spending an hour before work “treasure hunting” :smiley:


Yes, please!
Also super rare loot of any kind would be really nice, just knowing there is a possibility you might find a good epic drop from a normal monsters would be nice. I don’t really want more pink dyes :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I’d go a step further and wish that there were mini-events that could pop up all over the world, be them rare mobs or some type of scripted NPC thing, or environmental change, crazy weather, etc. Sometimes the world feels really static.


They had rare monsters who could only spawn during certain weather cycles in FFXI. Snowy= snowman monsters,etc. rain=water demon. Sandstorm=sand dragon. Etc. there’s a lot of potential here and it would be a fantastic addition.


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