Real-Life Time Suggestion

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I would like to suggest IRL-time for the game. I believe time to time it may be handful to be able to see what your local time is through the in-game functions.

I am in favor of adding the clock just above the menu so every time you open the menu you can see your local tme there.

It is especially important if you ordered pizza for a specific timeline and you don’t want to miss it playing the game -and stuck in the game in the mean time :wink: -.

Thanks for your time
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That sounds cool, I don’t see any downsides, maybe the devs have their reasons to not implement this (yet?). I searched a bit and I haven’t seen any answer to this.

+1 for me, as well as a clock in the menu

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Not sure how it works on Oculus but with the vive, hitting the system button brings up the steam vr dashboard which has the time on it, at least for me.


Same here Draven. I’ve been making due with the system clock on the SteamVR Dashboard. I assume Oculus has a similar feature somewhere, but don’t know for sure.

I’d prefer to see a clock introduced that told us what the Orbus time was before getting an IRL clock. That said, I’m not opposed to the idea of adding an IRL clock to the game as well. My only hope is that it would be located somewhere that is already immersion-breaking, like the player menu. I wouldn’t want to see the real time ticking away in the corner of my vision all the time constantly reminding me I’m just visiting.


Are there clocks in the OrbusVR universe? Maybe we need a sundial item.

There is already a sundial in the university, but to my knowledge it isn’t functional.

Yeah it works exactly the same way on oculus. Really easy to access the dashboard.

Yes when I think about it it may actually make more sense to add a game-time clock instead of an irl one. Ive been motivated by SAO for this idea (hence the pizza reference :p) but as others have pointed out there are already alternatives existing.

Not everything really has to be the same as the SAO after all. :confused:

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How about a small “sundial” on the wrist or like the compass that you just briefly unpacks and discreetly displays the “time”? Fits in the world of OrbusVR and is useful.


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