Really enjoyed the Beta! Some questions from a noob for launch


First off, thanks for the great game! I only got to play for about two hours combined but I really enjoyed what I saw so far. I have some questions however if I may.

  1. Exiting Orbus. How? The only way I found to log out was to quit VR via the Steam menu. Is there a way to use in game menus to log out?
  2. Moving items to another tab in your inventory. I never got this to work. While I could move thing around in my first tab, I could not put something in my second+ tab(s).
  3. Adding friends. I was playing with a friend and we were grouped, however, neither of us could figure out how to actually add one another to the in game friends list.
  4. Mail, how does this work? I couldn’t find a way to send messages.
  5. Trade items to another player. How do you do this? I couldn’t share ‘Tradeable’ items with my group member.
  6. Odd item names. I got several pieces of loot in the time I played with names such a T1B… etc. I assume these were just placeholders or is this an in game lingo I need to learn?
  7. I was not able to harvest items randomly. I couldn’t harvest the mushrooms for the first quest for the first hour I played. After coming back the next day, I could suddenly harvest. Is there a cooldown or other item which I need to be aware of?
  8. Warning for server resets. Is there going to be a warning for incoming server resets in the future? I noticed I would just get dumped to the login screen again randomly, and once I would log back in all the mobs would be reset around where I was, etc.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to test out the game! I am very much looking forward to Launch!


This is in the options menu. They should probably give it its own button, especially since it’s pushed off the first page by new options in Reborn. Or just shoved up to the top of that page.

I think the area around Highsteppe was just bugged for a brief period one day.


Hi, welcome! Glad you’ve enjoyed it and are joining us for launch.

  1. You can log off through the options menu, at the bottom.
  2. You should have been able to select an item, then select the other tabs at the top and then click an empty space to move an item, was that not working properly?
  3. The first option in the player menu at the top shows you nearby players. You can then select their name and add them to friends that way.
  4. From the social menu (third button from the top in the player menu, I believe) you’ll be able to send them messages by selecting their name in your friends list once they are friend.
  5. From the proximity menu again, selecting their name will let you trade with them.
  6. This is just the different item skin references, I think they are just placeholders for now.
  7. Like Seurimas_Songwraith mentioned, you may have been trying this during the period where we had some bugs with the harvesting.
  8. We definitely use warnings on the live servers, during beta we sometimes needed to reset things repeatedly so it wasn’t as doable, but there are more ample warnings during the official servers.

Hope I could help!


Thanks @Seurimas_Songwraith and @Mathieu_D!

For logout, I guess I didn’t scroll down far enough. Like @Seurimas_Songwraith suggested, maybe could be a top level option since it would be used so much.

I didn’t understand or explore the ‘proximity menu’ which seems to be the root of my issues around friends, mail and trading. Now that I know what that is all about, that makes more sense!

For moving items to another tab: I was just doing it wrong then. After highlighting an item in tab 1, I was attempting to click on a tab label itself to ‘drop’ the item I wanted in there instead of clicking into the tab, then clicking a space within it. Probably muscle memory form pervious games.

Thanks again to both of you for the quick reply.