Really long loading times


Noticed this when I logged in after work, had a super long loading time when loading into my house and just now finished our raid and had it again, asked if anyone else had the same thing happen and they also had a long load time, I think it needs checking out on the server side


I got it today again when I logged in, last night it was happening to me in raid.


I will do a quick server restart here in 30 minutes just to clear out the cobwebs and see if that helps.


Have you considered putting in an automatic restart every so many hours/days in reborn?


Aren’t the zones already resetting every 2 days because of former bugs with them? And a restart every few hours would be plain horror, it happend often enough that we could not finish a dungeon in time and then right at the very last bossfight a restart happend, screwing a high level shard :/…


I guess I should of just put days. When I said hours, I was thinking a minimum of 24 hours. Games will typically do a reset when the dailies reset. I’ve seen some games do a weekly reset as well.

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