Reborn Beta 1: Day Two General Thread


I would prefer what we have now compared to head based for the bard, as it only takes a millisecond to adjust before battle. Everything else on the torso seems nice as well.


I really liked the torso movement for the Warrior horn, I’ve always had problems of looking down and right to find the horn, but then it keeps moving farther right as I move my head. I can see it causing issues mostly for rangers and their muscle memory (although I am not one). Could this maybe be a setting each player could choose? Call it something like Torso Rotation Delay and have stuff from like 0 degrees from head (so instant) or up to some other number like 45 degrees or something, with various other intervals to pick.


I agree, this would be good to have something in the settings for so people can have it how they like it, possibly having it different for certain classes


It was much much smoother! I was able to set my graphics to high and it ran beautifully. I was never able to do that in Orbus.
I did notice that spell casting was a bit strange. I may just be rusty though.
Dragon racing seems very cool but not something that you can do if you get motion sickness AT ALL. It made Jinx a little green and he never gets it. It would have been very cool to be able to breed the dragons to race. Like if the dragons had stats on speed and turning and stamina ect.


It took a bit to get used to but I like the rotation for the warrior horn. It was easier to grab for sure


I did not like the rotation as a ranger.

I would like to know 100% where my abilities are at all times.