Reborn Beta 2 Patch Notes


Combined with the warrior shield I could be a walking blue beacon! Come ye foes!


I lost the critter capture thread, but about the mice:

They’re a little too fast. They tend to run through the nets when it’s an obvious catch.
The cheese is really hard to see.
The respawn rate to catch % is off. It’s about 1 spawn found per 10 minutes.
The mice radius is too large. They’ll run halfway across the map so once you catch one the rest are long gone.

I thought with practice it would get easier, but it’s mechanically unfair. Any changes would be appreciated!


I second that, popped them a couple times and gave up after catching nothing. It’s not a matter of practice, right, they are too fast, too far away, skip into mobs or under rocks. Only thing I am fine with is the cheese, but likely because “yellow” sticks out almost painfully in the entrire game for me (specially the quest log pages, they are almost flickering).


While mobs are charging a special attack you do almost no damage to them, i know this is how it was in orbus with AoEs but in reborn many enemies just do these attacks 50% of the fight and doing no damage for so long is very frustrating. Why is this annoying mechanic still a thing?


Some bugs and feedback

  • mage spell lines are constantly disappearing making it difficult to cast at times. The more people near me more they disappear
    -the flying healing mobs poison can not be dodged
    -the 50% dmg reduction needs to be eliminated since mobs have ai. This dmg reductions makes those healing mobs extremely difficult even if they are green to you.
    -the healing mob that isn’t flying cast a regenerative spell that has no spell bar
    -mobs constantly reset and have some very bad pathing, this applies to almost every mob I have encountered
    -HS seems really big and not scaled to our size, seems like it is for giants (this might just feel that way b/c it is empty atm
    -warriors are super tanks and probably scaled a little to high, they can solo 2 purple mobs pretty easily, not sure if this was intended
    -musketeer turret natural mode is dmg (thought this was going to be changed to healing for reborn, if not it needs be)
    -shaman and musketeer share the same slots for orbs and totems, this makes it a pain to switch between them. please make it so they don’t share those slots


Yeah it feels ridiculous fighting the mobs that are casting 80% of the fight. Doesn’t feel good.

Also we noticed a cool interactive spot in highsteppe while in giant mode. Dynamic world objects are always an awesome addition.


I’d love to see this changed, I can’t express enough how much I hate this mechanic, I feel like it should be the other way around as they are charging an attack they can’t “defend” themselves and should take increased damage to add extra reward for risk of attacking instead of running around waiting for the charged attack to come, sure you could totally run around preempting the hit, or you could do some high damage and dodge last second and get a bit of bonus damage in, if you push your luck and dodge late because you wanted to do more damage then you’re going to get hit and probably end up dying, but you took the risk and that’s the choice you made


Hmm, yeah that damage reduction mechanic is not supposed to be in still, I think I know what caused it (when I made a change to make it so creatures couldn’t move while casting). I will get that fixed.


I just put out a new patch that:

  • Should remove that reduced-damage-incoming-while-casting mechanic for enemies.
  • Should hopefully fix the issues with enemies walking on top of rock formations that players can’t reach.

About 3 hours left in Beta 2, enjoy!


Okay that’s a wrap for this Beta. Thanks to everyone for joining us and we’ll do it again in January!


Had a lot of fun in this beta. This is getting me super excited for what’s to come in the future of Reborn!


Same here, that was awesome! Had a lot of fun :slight_smile:


. . . . Post-test blog post soon?!


I want to give a big thanks to the art team. The warrior armor was right up my alley. I loved the open helm and medieval vibe of the armor. The moment I logged in and saw Sparky wearing it I was pretty much set on playing warrior that test.