Reborn Dev Spotlight: Paladin


Hey everyone,

We’re announcing the 3rd new class coming to Reborn today: the Paladin! Read on for more info:

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Looks very unique. Looking forward to testing this and comparing the difference in play vs warrior

I’m guessing the level cap will increase with the new zone(s)?


Does the Paladin have any self heal capabilities?


This looks Awesome! Cant wait to test this guy out.


This is a cool class design and all, but I wouldn’t personally consider this a Paladin, more like a Thor knockoff class. To me Paladins are about divine/holy power not lightning strikes.

Was there a reason y’all went with Lightning Strike instead of a Holy Strike?


will we get another level cap increase?


The level cap in Reborn is 30.


In this reborn test??? :scream:


Oh, I thought Sparky was asking for the completed Reborn launch. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nothing confirmed for the test yet.

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I’m still working on fully fleshing out the whole class, but I think a Lay on Hands type of ability (maybe as a Super) would be really neat considering you have that empty hand just sitting there…


So far the paladin looks to be a really exciting class to play, definitely my new main. Love the addition of an extra melee/tank class.


3 seconds of Invincibility and Regen. For the super


Well if left hand is empty, you can give him something like Horn for warriors, but for Paladin it would be libram that he can use to maybe spend charges to heal himself or something.


What about a sheild for the other hand?


They take half damage when not orb capped, a shield even necessary?


What about a second hammer?:wink:


I think the Idea of some librams would be cool.

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Having librams would be cool. 1 to taunt. 1 to heal(lay on hands). 1 to buff the party. Could maybe have multiple choices but only allow 1 Libram equipped at a time. The super should act as a taunt while your character hovers in the Air(basically a damage immunity) and after a few seconds you crash down with your hammer doing aoe damage :stuck_out_tongue: ok maybe that’s too close to Thor


or you could have multiple librams/grimoires but they share cooldown. I absolutely would love that

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