Reborn Honor/Pvp questions

Hello, I’ve got a few questions and suggestions that didn’t really seem to fit in any other current Topics!

  1. What time and day of the week will the honor calulation take place and will this remain the same?
  2. Can you list all the rank names in order and there honor worth on death?
  3. Will Bg’s reward any bonus honor to the winning team?
  4. In Reborn will we be able to premade or will the match making system remain the same as it is currently?
  5. How do the brackets(Rank) calulate is it for the whole player base or players that have gain a certain amount of honor that week?
  6. Is there any set time to release PvP rewards update?

A few suggestions of rules that should be considered bannable offences

  • Honor boosting (Suciding to a player multiply times to increase ones honor gain)
  • Win trading (If Bg’s will offer a honor reward at the end this should be heaily considered)
  • Afking in Bg’s

I did bug the worldboss for these questions but it makes more sense to post them here for everyone to see, Thank you in advance!

There is going to be a weekly reset in Reborn where we turn off the server for a couple of hours every Tuesday morning (like 8 AM-10 AM US Central or something). That’s when the weekly missions will reset, Raid lockouts will reset, and the honor calculation will be run.

The ranks are:

Grand Champion
High Warden
Foot Solider

(There are actually 12 ranks but the last 3 have the same name currently, we are going to change that). The honor they are worth basically goes from 10 - 100 points currently.

Currently BG wins do not give honor specifically.

You can already pre-made in theory on the BG, if you are in a party and queue up together it will keep you in the same party. If that’s not working let me know.

The brackets are percent-based (e.g. only 1 Grand Champion, next 0.4% get Champion, next 0.8% get the next rank, etc.). It’s only among people that have earned at least 1 Honor Point in the calculation. You do get some credit currently for the past 3 weeks but the current week is weighted by far the most heavily.

There is already a mechanism where you get diminishing returns for killing the same people over and over again. It resets at the weekly reset. So if you kill the same Recruit for example you would get 10 points, then 8, then 6, then 4, then 2, then none (or something like that, those are just example numbers).

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Taking possibly only 1 week to hit R12 seems very dull, Would you consider adding a sort level system for it like this.

Points needed:

Grand Champion (25000) Also need to be place 1 for that weeks honor calulation to claim this rank
Champion (22500)
High Warden (20000)
Warden (17500)
Commander (15000)
Defender (12500)
Foot Solider (10000)
Brawler (7500)
Combatant (5000)
Recruit (2500)
Recruit (1000)
Recruit (0)

Honor standing that week picks what bracket you’re placed in.
Brackets rewarding the points Brack1 (7500), Brack2 (7000), Brack3 (7500), Etc
Each week before calulaion you lose 20% of your overall points.

Something like this would make it so you would have to earn your rank and not just go deep one week claim any PvP rewards and dip.

This system isn’t really built for those type of rewards. The PvP Battleground Rep vendor for example is a long-term, work for it type reward. The PvP Honor Ranks are like an in-game leaderboard. There will not be any rewards tied to it that you just get to the top once then claim them. That’s why for example the title of the honor rank dynamically updates – you can’t just get Grand Champion once, then always display the title forever.

So yeah I think there may be some long-term PvP based rewards via the rep vendor, and for example I could see us doing a system long-term with some type of “Seasons” based on Battleground performance or something like that, but that’s not what the PvP Honor Ranks are for, it’s a totally different role in the game world.

So I can definitely agree that it would be good to make sure that there are some of the long-term, “you have to grind at this on a regular basis for a few weeks” systems too, but that’s just not what we were going for with this particular system.

Been a while since this list was posted and I was wondering a few things:

  1. The title “Brawler” is already a title for the reputation level with Marlowe; is that intended?
  2. How many people does each rank allow? You mentioned previously that Grand Champion will only be 1, but what about the others? Or is it all population based so in a sample size of 100 people doing pvp for the week, the first four or so ranks are 1 and then the next couple are 2, 4, etc?
  3. If it is percentage based (and continues following the metric you listed above), you reach 100% at rank 10. So not entirely sure how there can be 12 ranks with that method… (1 only + 0.2% + 0.4% + 0.8% + 1.6% + 3.2% + 6.4% + 12.8% + 25.6% + 51.2% = 10 ranks counted for at 102.2% of pvp population)