Reborn - new quest line means new character?


Sounds like a lot of the story behind Orbus is moving forward with the Reborn expansion. From what I’ve read, it’ll be in the future of where we are now - the Order having been defeated.

So my question - will we have to create new characters to play through the new storyline? Or will we be able to do the story arch on our mains? I guess for some reason it seems to me like the story is replacing the existing 1-20 quest line. That’s why I ask.


Orbus VR to Reborn

There is a time jump and the existing storyline will no longer be available to play through. There will not be a long MSQ like the current game so there is no need to make a new character, you’ll be able to do it on your Level 20 (or whatever level you are when you start Reborn) easily thanks to the new dynamic scaling stuff.


Thanks for the fast reply Riley! Excited to be back in game adventuring! Looks like you guys have put in a ton of work lately and I’m happy to buy a few items off the in-game shop to help support the cause!


out of curiosity we have 5 days in orbus is around a day in real time, so how many days in an orbus week?


You mean for the new weekly missions? It’s 1 week real-time (not days in-game) between the resets, just like how the current resets work for raids, etc.


no as in how many in game day go in to an ingame week.
I got curious after some one Sayed about the reborn expantion taking place 20 years after the main quests


Oh I see. Well it is 5 hours real-time for every 1 in-game day. So that means it’s 35 real-time hours for every in-game week.


nice thank you, this gives an nice idea of the games time frame


This sparks me to wonder about day/night cycles being represented in-game. Be pretty cool to have nightfall and sunrise.


we already do have a nightfall it just takes 5 hours


Oh, maybe I just haven’t noticed. Perhaps the intensity of nightfall could use some adjusting.


We have a sunrise too, actually, I often set graphics to high or ultra when it’s starting… looks cool, though it’s debatable if it really feels so naturally :wink:


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