Reborn Patch 10.82


Hey everyone,

We’ve got a new small patch for you today. Here’s the details:

  • Re-fixed an issue which could cause Indestructible to roll when re-rolling shard affixes on weapons.
  • Status effect icons will now unfill when they are about to expire to give you an indication of how long they have left.
  • In order to receive bonus XP for having PvP mode enabled while doing missions, you must have PvP mode on the entire time you do the mission, until you turn it in. If any step is completed with PvP off, you will not get the bonus credit.
  • We have done a lot of work on the voice chat and it should be much more stable now. We have disabled the voice stats overlay for now pending the need for it again in the future.
  • Voice chat for the Fellowship channel remains enabled for now but we may disable it in the future pending on how things go.
  • The FAQ page in the help menu has been updated to have buttons you press to show each topic to make it easier to read.
  • Fishing pole status text should no longer be reversed when the pole is held in your left hand.
  • Highsteppe now has a new ramp near the Player House entrance which allows you to access the lower area to help improve navigability of the city.
  • After a Deep Wounds proc, another one cannot proc for at least 8 seconds dungeon-wide.

This patch will require a server and client rollout at the same time, so we will push the client-side patch out first, then very shortly thereafter restart the server. You will be required to download the new patch in order to get back in-game. Thanks!


The patch will be going out in about 45 minutes.


From accepting it or just while it is beeing compleated (from % going up)? I don’t mind pvp, I just avoid if from time to time


Currently, you cannot turn it off at all. From the time you accept the mission, until the time you complete it and turn it in, PvP must be on the whole time.

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Can indeed confirm that a, “Finally,” spam has already occurred within the LC discord :slight_smile:


Oh, also, one other thing I forgot to mention, some of the spell pillars which were missing from the world, including Light, Arcane Ray, Arcane Explosion, and Affliction 2, have been added back in and spread throughout various locations.


Doesn’t seem to work for Luck potions, about to do a shard so will check the boosting potions then



It should only start counting down when there is 30 seconds left. We thought it would be too hard to tell on the long-term boost potions what it was if it was like 75% empty when there was still 15 minutes left or whatever.


Please make it 15 mins if possible when it starts cutting down for the 1hr potions and 30s for the couple minute ones?

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when are you fixing my dragon!!!


I went back and looked through your last 50 posts or so to try and figure out what this was referring to, but I didn’t see anything…what are you talking about that’s broken?


Any chance you can just change it so the icon are there and just has a darker/faded effect over it as it’s running out the same way it goes around atm, then it can still clearly display which buff it is and how long left, only happening in the last 30 seconds is pretty useless as figfhts tend to last around 5min and going in with 40 seconds on the pot you won’t know until 10seconds in to the fight then it would be too late to pot up

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I made a post about the quest dragon missing it’s unique model and you said it would be fixed. I’m a patient person though


Okay I will have @Robert look into that when he gets a chance.


Everyone seems to be ignoring one of the most important parts of this update. That should make getting to the dragon shop so much easier. Thanks for this :slight_smile:


@Riley_D I know you are busy but was wondering when are you planning to take another crack at PvP balance and address QoL battleground improvements?


I’d say let PVP shake out for a little bit still. Might be room for new strategies and such that could make balancing less necessary or make necessary balancing more clear.


Just now seeing this and THANK GOD FOR THE RAMP. About to log on right now just to use it​:joy::joy:


I was talking with some people in Highsteppe earlier and PvP got brought up. I think in the short-term (like maybe tomorrow’s patch?) we may further reduce the global PvP damage modifier just because “one shotting people” is not really the meta we’re going for overall. Long-term we’ll continue to balance classes as we’re able, but I made the comment that basically, PvP is balance is more like make some changes, let people play with that meta for a while, make some changes, etc.


if u just reduce all damage numbers nothing will change, scoundrel body rushing will still be the meta because of its massive damage, and if everything is nerfed together the same amount it will stil remain the highest burst any class can do