Reborn Patch 10.83


There’s a new small patch going out today with a few fixes/QoL changes. In particular:

  • When creating a new character, the Discipline selection is now the first choice that you make.
  • When creating a new character, you will see a weapon representation appear next to the avatar to indicate what discipline you have currently selected, to hopefully make it more clear what’s going on.
  • For the character creation/update options, the pointer should now respond better to selecting the options.
  • When you accomplish a new step in a Mission (e.g. achieve Bronze, Silver, etc.) you will now get a notice letting you know that.
  • There is a new step in the new player tutorial which highlights the rest of the locomotion options.
  • There is a new Locomotion option which allows you to adjust the turn speed of the Smooth Turn option.
  • When starting up the voice chat system, sometimes a DLL file may not load correctly causing your mic not to be captured properly. If this happens you will now see an error when you first login so you know what is going on and that voice chat won’t work until you relaunch. If you are seeing this error repeatedly, please let us know.
  • The global PvP damage modifier has been reduced. Our goal here is to start getting away from “one shotting” being the meta in PvP, but still not go back to the old days of “it takes forever to kill someone.” So please let us know how this new adjustment feels. Further class-specific balancing changes will follow once we get this number dialed in.
  • The Player Compass no longer has sticky gripping enabled.

The patch will go out on the client and server in approximately 30 minutes. Thank you!


Server-side patch has been deployed, client-side should be rolling out now on Oculus and Steam. Thanks!


About damage reduction can you apply this to healing aswell I don’t want to see paladins healing to full after this change and I kindly ask you Riley please provide a percentage for the damage reduction in place.


The boost was 150% and now it’s 125%.

It’s a lot harder (perhaps impossible, even) to do healing-specific PvP…since there’s not a good definition of that. PvP damage is easy to define as it’s “any damage done by a player to another player.” But there’s obviously no difference between PvP and PvE healing sine it’s all player-to-player. We could reduce healing in battlegrounds obviously but that wouldn’t affect Overworld PvP. We could also put in something where you get an internal debuff anytime you deal PvP damage to another player which reduces incoming healing to you. But really at the end of the day since the whole point of this patch is to make it more viable to actually heal in PvP content, I’m not sure reducing the healing globally is the right answer. I think it will make more sense to further reduce Paladin self-healing in PvP content or something like that if that continues to be an issue, so let us know how it is and we can address that.


Also just wanted to make sure that fixing the Bard’s defense and protection orbs passive so they actually work is on a list somewhere. I recorded this video with some help showing the issues but it kind of went unnoticed (probably cause time of posting).

The current issues are:
  • Pve mobs do not get the debuff indicating that the orbs are actually working.
  • In PvP the debuffs work, however the damage reduction is not noticeable whatsoever (see video). Not sure if the passive effects are working or are just extremely weak. If it is the latter, they are in need of a buff, because without them the only other two orbs you can take are Inspiration and Speed.
  • Both of the orb’s crescendos sometimes do not know the difference between beneficial and negative effects. This leads to me trying to cleanse a poison on the tank, only for the crescendos to cleanse one of my own passive buffs (that gets re-applied to the tank instantly).

That’s about all in order of importance (I’m fine with the crescendos not working 100% of the time, as at least they work). Mainly just want the passive effects of both these orbs to be the difference in PvP from a scoundrel being able to oneshot (which hopefully just got fixed) and a single mage affliction oneshotting (if not healed), and in Pve the difference from dying in 3 ticks from Stafrage poison or being oneshot by a Stafrage’s bolt.

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I think the only thing you can do is lower pally’s damage substantially to make up for their insane survivor-ability.


Well did you check the combat log in the end on the PvP test? :expressionless:


Here is the combat log, I am, in fact taking more damage with the orbs on. We did the same test, same conditions, just after I healed up we put the orbs on the second time. One critical in each, just took more tick damage (367 to 385) and more initial projectile damage (373 to 403). Quite the issue.

Combat log

09:16:24:839 [Combat] Semz took 373 damage from Zäch
09:16:24:839 [Combat] You are now in combat.
09:16:25:861 [Combat] Semz took 367 damage from Zäch
09:16:26:872 [Combat] Semz took 367 damage from Zäch
09:16:27:906 [Combat] Semz took 367 damage from Zäch
09:16:29:939 [Combat] Semz took 367 damage from Zäch
09:16:31:006 [Combat] Semz took 367 damage from Zäch
09:16:31:984 [Combat] Semz took 367 damage from Zäch
09:16:33:006 [Combat] Semz took 367 damage from Zäch
09:16:34:029 [Combat] Semz took 367 damage from Zäch
09:16:35:051 [Combat] Semz took 561 damage from Zäch (Critical)
09:16:36:072 [Combat] Semz took 367 damage from Zäch
09:16:37:151 [Combat] Semz took 367 damage from Zäch
09:16:43:059 [Combat] Semz took -6928 damage from Semz
09:16:46:185 [Combat] Semz took -7455 damage from Semz
09:16:49:251 [Combat] Semz took -13419 damage from Semz
09:16:52:363 [Combat] Semz took -14164 damage from Semz
09:16:55:363 [Combat] Semz took -13419 damage from Semz
09:16:58:485 [Combat] Semz took -22365 damage from Semz (Critical)
09:17:00:374 [Combat] Semz took -42494 damage from Semz
09:17:00:729 [Combat] Semz took -127482 damage from Semz (Critical)
09:17:26:408 [Combat] Semz took 403 damage from Zäch
09:17:27:263 [Combat] Semz took 385 damage from Zäch
09:17:27:464 [Combat] Semz took 385 damage from Zäch
09:17:28:497 [Combat] Semz took 385 damage from Zäch
09:17:29:508 [Combat] Semz took 589 damage from Zäch (Critical)
09:17:30:520 [Combat] Semz took 385 damage from Zäch
09:17:31:541 [Combat] Semz took 385 damage from Zäch
09:17:32:617 [Combat] Semz took 385 damage from Zäch
09:17:33:629 [Combat] Semz took 385 damage from Zäch
09:17:34:697 [Combat] Semz took 385 damage from Zäch
09:17:36:686 [Combat] Semz took 385 damage from Zäch
09:17:37:763 [Combat] Semz took 385 damage from Zäch
09:17:49:419 [Loot] Entered PvP Safe Zone


Err, Maybe the zone reset had something to do with this. However the scoundrel deck still gets stuck from time to time, How I’m dealing with it is putting my gun away and pulling it back out then I’m able to draw 1 card it’s quite annoying when your holding on to a charge shot.

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