Reborn Patch 10.841


A small patch will be going out here in a bit with the following changes:

  • Mission NPCs in Highsteppe now have unique icons above their heads for each type of activity to make it more clear what they are for.
  • The Runemage auto-casting feature (where you press the button twice while casting) should now be working properly.
  • You can now duo-queue, but not full-party queue, for PvP Battlegrounds.
  • Bards must now have at least a little bit of “power” (by actively playing) in order to have their passive effects be active.
  • Made sure you can’t get a +0 Legendary Weapon from a level-up reward cache.
  • You should now be able to use shards to re-roll Uncommon and Rare gear with minor affixes.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause people to be unable to leave Battlegrounds.
  • Fixed a bug preventing rings from being able to be re-rolled.
  • The Scoundrel’s gun will now show a visual effect when it is fully-charged with the maximum number of bullets.
  • Fixed a bug where the watch hands on the Watch Teleportation Device weren’t looping correctly.



can you fix my dragon yet.


Did Robert never contact you about that? Haha. I will go poke him.


lol, poke poke “chase wants you”


So excited about that!! Ty also for launching the ingame-update-message 45mins before patch since a while, that helped us with runs.


Client side patches should be available to download now.


Server side patch has now been deployed as well. Thank you!


I keep forgetting to ask this question :sweat_smile:

Why is the salvage mission indicated by a shark? Fishing is that green fish thing, but it always throws me that salvaging is also indicated by a marine animal. I would expect something like a queens ear. I don’t want to say “it’s wrong, change it” but curious why since salvaging never seems to overlap with fishing? Unless it’s cause it’s a potion ingredient?


It’s on my list still I will try to look at it this week or start of next.

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I agree, would make more sense being a potion, harvestable or non-fish material, even a shard or dram would be good too!


Just won a BG and got the message saying I got bronze for 1 of the weekly and Silver for the other but got 0% progress on the mission screen

18:33:04:525 [System] Paladin’s Hammer Captured Point captured by Red Team.
18:33:04:925 [System] Crystal Cave Captured Point captured by Blue Team.
18:33:19:658 [System] Bronze reward achieved for your mission
18:33:19:658 [System] Silver reward achieved for your mission
18:33:19:660 [System] Red Are Victorious! Thank you for your participation in these war games.


Ok, I believe everything should be tracking properly now. We played through like 20 quick matches, and it tracked properly every time. We ran into one instance where the UI didn’t update right away (took closing and opening the mission tab a few times to update), but we are working on fixing that. But at least you should gain progress all of the time now.


Silly question but can you elaborate on this more?

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@Rebecca_F so the devs implemented the following:
Previously when you double tap your cast button really fast the spell would only stay on the wand. So you had to press once, then wait for the spell to pop up and then press a second time to release the spell. Now they added the feature where if you press the button twice fast it will release the spell immidiately when the spell pops up. This waiting for the second press problem was way more visible with players with a high latency (e.g. EU players)

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