Reborn Patch 10.85


A new patch will be going out shortly with the following changes:

  • There is a new indicator which will appear next to the names of characters that have less than 10 hours of time played. If you are a veteran player creating a new character, there is a menu option which allows you to turn off this indicator immediately.
  • The tutorial has been updated with some additional steps to help ease new players into the game world. In addition, there are now some in-world glowing indicators which should help guide new players a bit better through the beginning part of the game.
  • Some capes and associated icons have been fixed.

There is also a lot of behind-the-scenes work in this build to start setting things up for some side quests we are adding to the world in addition to the previously-announced June 11th content. As such this requires a server-side and client-side sync, so once this patch goes out you will have to download the new version before you can login to the game.

The patch will go out in about 45 minutes. Thanks!


The patch is now live. Thanks!


There was an issue with the patch where casting Mage Portals multiple times in a zone were causing it to crash. We did a quick soft-reset there to fix the issue, thanks!


I’ve noticed when changing tools on my belt they will change on the equipment screen but not on my belt for me to grab, happened with my net gun to pickaxe earlier and didn’t think much of it but just went to fish and after drinking my fishing pot and casting out my lure I started to reel in and then my rod/hand disappeared and then my fishing pot was re-equipped


My guess is that was a zone crash. Let me know if it happens again.


Netgun to pickaxe was in highsteppe at the portal event and fishing was in Flooded rainforest, I have the output log if you want to take a look


If it happens again from 2 minutes ago then yeah shoot me a log and I’ll take a look.

I know for sure at least the rod one was, that’s a classic zone crash effect due to a slight rollback.

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Mage spells still don’t line up correctly mainly when preforming large quick turns and sometimes exploding in front of players visually, After relogging inside a BG your score will be reset on the board, The BG scoreboard just isn’t correct for a bunch of classes.

Music still sometimes plays inside the BG even if you have music turned off, Finally most players have no clue what team they’re on and what points are captured by what team.


That’s really my biggest issue right now… bgs can be mad fun if queued up single with guild “hey, we got Elk!” - “but, we got Chezil ha…!!” - “oh, there’s potato…” - but, he’s a bard… that works in pvp? :smiley:
But I asked back many times per run are we blue or red or what there should really be some fix for that.

(On a sidenote, no clue how scoundrels are that op I tried mine today, but if everyone’s teleporting away like crazy I’m actually only successful when i’m real close and charged.)


How all Scoundrels in PvP…




can confirm since my straight shots curve and my curve shots straight haha… charrrrge

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