Reborn Patch 10.851


A new patch is going out this morning with the following:

  • The Relocation feature has been added for both the Shaman’s totems and the Paladin’s librams. To enable it, go to the main settings menu in the Player Settings dialog and choose Enable under the Relocation Anchors tab.
  • When the Relocation Anchors are enabled, you will see a transparent globe appear near items on your avatar. Just grab and move those globes to re-position the attached object. After you place it there, it will always appear in that location even on subsequent logins (note that this setting is currently per-computer.
  • If you make a mistake and wish to reset the position of an item, just press the Trigger button while holding the anchor. If you want to reset all visible anchors, use the button in the Settings menu.
  • After we gather initial testing feedback on this feature, our plan is to roll it out for other classes and other avatar items such as the Player Compass as well.
  • The Mission Vendors have been updated such that now when they have a lore quest to tell you about, they will show that at the top of the menu. This should hopefully help better indicate to folks when there is a story quest to go on and make them feel less hidden, and remove the need to constantly press the dialog icon just to see if they have something new to say.
  • Dyes are now sellable for a bit of dram if you wish to get rid of them. Pinecones can also now be sold.
  • Fixed a bug where mission waypoints sometimes wouldn’t always appear when you entered Highsteppe.

The patch will go out in about an hour. Thanks!


did you add pinecones in the world of orbusvr


If there was a change it would have been in the patch notes. As I’ve already said via PM, we are investigating what’s going on there and if we want to make a change.


The server-side part of this has gone out, we are still baking the client side patch (which is where most of the new functionality is), hopefully in about 30-45 minutes, we ran into a last minute bug and had to revert something.


add pinecones in a area in orbusvr there is no pinecones when after investigate

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If anyone sees any, let me know where so I can add it to the map as well :slight_smile:


no pinecones in orbusvr


Client-side patch is now live on Steam and Oculus. Thanks!


Lia, you already said that 3 times xD
dont worry they will fix it

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i want pincones


Okay I tried the relocation feature for my shaman, but honestly I dont know, i was only grabbing the totems by accident before when they were on my belt, so I tried a bit around but, next to me was not helpful, so I decided to put them higher, but either they need to be soo high that’s super exhausting to grab them or they blocking half of my view…
What did other shamans do?


REALLY like the relocation feature for the Paladin. Was able to move the books to exactly where I wanted them. Now the only thing getting in the way a little is the compass location. I can’t wait to move my arrows for my Archer as well!

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Anyone ells getting massive delayes on paladin hammer tosses the last few days? Takes like 2 seconds for me from when i try to jump and when I do the jump. Confuses me a lot and ruins the entire mecanic.


I like the shaman relocation. I almost want a “relocation sphere” for every totem, but would settle for atleast two that affect my totems broken up.

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