Reborn Patch 10.861


There’s a new client-side patch going out this morning with the following changes:

  • Fixed the issue with the Player Compass and the relocation anchors where it would revert back to its original position after you used it.
  • When pointing your finger at a monster to focus on it, you will now see a laser pointer appear to help you aim better at the monster. Note that if you have Static Healthbars selected in your settings menu, the laser pointer will never activate.
  • There is a new setting in the Player Menu on the General settings tab which controls the tightness of the rotation of your body-parented objects relative to your head rotation. The default setting is Loose, while selecting Very Tight will have the same behaviour of the old game and cause your tools, arrows, etc. to rotate completely in-sync with your head.

This will be rolling out shortly on PC. The Quest version of this update will come later this week. Thanks!


Yay! Finally back to OG orbus on ranger arrow behavior.


Thank you so much! Cant wait to try it out tonight

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Actually, is it possible to have a setting for ‘static’ where they don’t rotate at all? I want to see if that’s better than it was in OG.


Can we set this per-class and have it stored so when we switch it remembers the setting? Otherwise, will be yet another thing that we have to do while switching (not that I’m complaining, because I’m very happy with this change … Just QOL consideration)


The “Very Loose” option in my experience almost acts as one, the only time it will rotate is if you look pretty much behind you over your shoulder, and only slightly.


I play bard and ranger. I want it tight for my ranger and loose with my bard. Any possible way to make this a per class option? If not, its not much a use to me. Don’t want to constantly toggle it when I switch back and forth from bard.


a few of us noted that it takes too long to target an enemy health bar to be effective in shard dungeons. Is it possible to lower it down to 0.5 seconds. A few of us agreed that this seems like a good theoretical time needed to focus a health bar without accidentally do it.


It is currently set to 1.5 seconds to focus and can easily be changed to 0.5. I should be able to squeeze that into the next patch. Hopefully the laser is helping out overall though.


If they go this route, they need to disable it while you’re actually gripping something. Actually, that should be fixed regardless. I’m tired of my controller vibrating menacingly while I’m grabbing a Paladin book in melee with a big enemy.


Good call…I can make it so you can’t accidentally do this while gripping anything.


Also nice to meet you jake :slight_smile: . I hope to see you around more often :stuck_out_tongue:

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The client patch should now be live with the fixes mentioned above. We pushed out a fix for the compass issues as well.


This change has been amazing. It works great every time for me!


I kinda still wish it was instant and I could rebind the gripping to a trigger pull instead.

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