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Before the servers shut down, should we destroy all our current gear to make sure we have all the transmogs for them? As I understand it all our current gear will be going away and our characters will have a generic set of level appropriate gear from Reborn when we log in.

Edit: Oopsie, just finished reading the blog post. Looks like Riley addressed this. “So it’s still a Beta character, it’s just one that starts with your existing equipment, inventory, name, levels, etc.”


i have multiple full chest tabs of epic gear, should i break them down to get the glimmering shards or will the gear we be given also be the same tear as what they originally were, same for legendarys


So basically what’s going to happen with the current gear is this. You will still have all the same gear pieces, and they are still the same “items” they were before (including stats and rarity level), it’s just that their models will all be switched to the model of the basic starter gear.

Then later on down the road when we re-introduce the gear from the original game, all of the models will be updated on those pieces to be the correct “re-imagined/updated” original pieces.

So as an example, if you have a the Crystal Wand, it will still say its name is Distantly Scattered Light, it will still be Epic, it will still have the same amount of stats (relatively, since the values have changed so we will adjust it for you if needed). But then when you equip it, instead of seeing the crystal wand, you will see the Beginner’s Wand model.

If you hang onto that piece of equipment and put it in your chest, later on down the road we will re-introduce that wand model, and if you pull it back out and equip it, boom it will be correct again.

So, you can hang onto those pieces if you want. You can break them down now if you want and unlock the transmog style (so you can use it in the future when it’s available), or to get shards. Or do nothing and just wait for the new game to come out, and break it down then. Or just hang onto it. It really doesn’t matter because it’s still the same “Item ID” to us, the only thing that’s wrong about it right now is the model that shows up in-game.

I should note that all of those transmog styles for the existing gear/weapons will not show up in Reborn initially even if you unlocked them if the model isn’t in yet, but then again we’re all still tracking that in the background, and when the model is added the styles will show back up as available and if you already had unlocked it, it will still be unlocked.

Hope that helps clear it up, and then basically you can just wait and see how it works in Beta Test 5 as well.


We seem to still have Physical defence


I am really sad that potions aren’t getting hidden again.

Please tell me there will be hidden hard to find stuff like in the first game. Finding that stuff was the best part of Orbus. I was really disappointed when new recepies were just given to us.


Hmmm I likely started bit later (pretty much the week of official release, but the need for recipes I had weeks after that), but it wasn’t hard for me, my guild had exact directions, I don’t like tapping in the dark too much. But still it was fun crafting the Ithecac and then go on the journey to hopefully find stuff before it runs out, the whole Ithecac thing with secret paths opening and what all and the colours changing was a hilarious, great idea, so I also hope it comes back!


yea… i literally used the map and went around and collected all of the items that required ithecac on 2 potions. I feel really sorry for the first person who had to go run around blindly to find them.


we did it as a group and it was a blast.


Any news on this? Few people are waiting to buy lower tokens with their expert mode ones to finish their transmog gear/get pets and only 2 more raid resets left so getting a little anxious


Thanks for the reminder. We will get that done by Friday.


I have a few more questions which I’ve heard people asking recently so just going to throw them out here

  • Are you still planning on doing a reward for going from 1-30 on the next beta on a new character (similar to how the super leveller cape worked in the other beta?)
  • Are Surnames going to still be a thing in reborn?
  • Are we going to be able to change surnames like how we will be able to do name changes (pay for change thing in the character creation screen?) or will that still be done by PM’ing you?
  • You said previously our quest items will disappear, any chance we can have a list of all the stuff that will disappear?
  • You stated ages ago that Tradu and higher gear will come back as transmog in reborn, will you consider Wilds gear too? I know a lot of people have spent time going there to get that and a lot of us really like that gear
  • Will weapon transmogs be in from the start?
  • Will we be able to test player owned stalls mixed into the AH in the next test before it all goes live?
  • Any new info for the release date? :wink:

Getting a release date would be appreciated so I can plan accordingly to take time off. I’d like to do this with at least 1 months notice ahead of time. Thanks :slight_smile:


We are putting out a patch in 30 minutes (client and server side) which adds the ability to purchase a Hard mode token from the Expert vendor, and a Normal mode token from the Hard mode vendor.

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  • Surnames are still a thing but are still done manually. You cannot change your surname once it is assigned (and that is documented as part of the surname choice process).

  • Quest items will not disappear, but all of the previous quest items are destroyable in Reborn, so if you want to clear out your inventory you are able to, if you want to hang onto them feel free but they don’t do anything anymore.

  • Nothing more to announce right now on what gear is coming back as transmog styles in the future. If we do bring a gear set back as a transmog style, if you previously unlocked it you will have immediate access to it, otherwise there will be a way to get it in Reborn as well (e.g. we would add the Wilds gear as some part of the Battlegrounds system or something like that).

  • I’m not sure what you mean by weapon transmogs – you mean just transmogging them in general? Yes that will be in.

  • I’m not sure at what point we will have that ready for testing or when the first Market Stall auction for Reborn will take place. It may not be right at launch. We are working on a new system for how those auctions are going to work so that it will all be done in-game instead of manually.

  • We will announce the release date on April 3rd, and it obviously won’t be a month of notice since it is coming out in April, but it will be a few weeks of notice.


Thanks for the answers :smiley:

I meant the vanilla OrbusVR weapons as I don’t think they are effected by the avatar changes like the armour are they? (I really like my fish bow)

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