Reborn questions


Hey Riley and team!

With present Orbus almost at an end and Reborn on the horizon there are a few questions I’ve been hearing people ask and a few of my own in here

  • Are we getting Beards still? Stubble too maybe? Will they be in the next beta?
  • Are you still planning on making it so we can downgrade raid tokens?
  • Will you be increasing the amount of players able to join a fellowship?
  • Will the dram cap be going up? Dram seems a lot easier to get in Reborn
  • How many different types of Reputations will there be? Which are they?
  • Will there be hidden journal pages in reborn like there is in current Orbus? (Me and many others loved hunting for these)
  • How many new dyes will there be?
  • Is the friends list still getting new sorting options?
  • Will there be new legendary fish like the blimp/perch/flounder that move locations?
  • Are shard dungeons going to be in reborn from release? or will they be coming later?
  • Will the rewards from the small/large chests from events/dungeons etc. be the same when reborn goes live? Wasn’t sure if they were placeholders like the dyes/potions from vendors etc.
  • Will you be adding steam trading cards?
  • Will there be any easier way to trade between our own characters? Shared Family chest or mailbox or something?


Ill also add
will there be more than one type of legendary for each class?
will we get more than one (two if you include the wilds drop) purple tire items per class or will it be like regular orbus where there is one set purple weapon and that it?


I’ll also add:
Will each class be getting two new traits (for 25 and 30)?
Will ithecac do things again?


I also wanted to ask to the devs: is the amount of dram given by quests and dropped by mobs in the last beta what it’s supposed to be after release?
Because it was indeed easier to make money than the current game, and i wasn’t even try to farm dram at all.


I will also add that the reborn page still talks about a new tinkerer crafting discipline of which we have heard nothing about yet.


Will there be any changes to tiles? with the mobs moving around they wont be as useful.


Tiles as in tilesets? I would assume that most bosses do not move around to dodge and the enemies that currently dodge seem to have a timer cooldown on dodge; all you have to do is trigger their dodge with a regular attack then do you tile combo.


To be fair I think there should only really be 1 legendary per class or some classes not even having access to one after all they wouldn’t be that legendary if there was a stupid amount in game, Currently Legendaries aren’t that rare a good percentage of 20’s that run shards have one.


Just to answer a few.

Beards- hopefully in future but don’t think will be in for launch, but we will have the ability to re-make your appearance so if/when they are added you will be able to add them to your character.

Reputation- There will be reputations for each of the mission vendors (so currently 7). The way we are doing missions now allows us more freedom in adding new missions and also new types of missions after launch and continue to add to them so there could be more reputation types in the future.

Journal Pages- There will be new journal pages for the higher tier potions that will be earned/found, but the existing potion recipes from Orbus 1.0 will not be hidden behind ithecac like it is in current game. But the potion might be used for some of the lore quests in game, never know.

Yes new dyes

Yes new fish

We haven’t locked down what is in the current reward crates, a lot of those things (and things the vendors are selling and prices) are mainly just place holders or just getting things in for testing purposes.

Yes you will get new lvl 30 skills for skill trees on the classes.

Dram/rewards are not what it will be in release.

Tinkerer class is still something we are wanting to add into game, but it will not be in for launch. So we are looking at adding it to the first content patch after launch but not committing to that yet.


And level 25?

Extra chars to post


And for the really important thing…

Will you be keeping the iconic “bong bong bong” voice effect?

So far, reborn has been utterly silent on the voice front.


Geez that is a lot of questions! Haha.

Remind me what this is about again? I think I had said previously that tokens like Raid tokens and Jester tokens were just going to become worthless in Reborn (or like, just sell for a token amount of dram). Or are you saying you want to downgrade them in the current game before Reborn comes out or something?

No final decision on this yet but it is being discussed. I would lean toward yes but I don’t have a specific amount we’re raising the cap by yet.

Yes it will be going up, and you should anticipate inflation (i.e. you get more dram from things now than you did before). At the same time, there will be some new dram sinks introduced for high-dram players (e.g. I’m planning on there being a very expensive mount at the very least).

It’s still on the list, but it’s not in yet. Hopefully yes.

They are in at release. The end-game content schedule will essentially be Shard Dungeons in at release, Raids to release around 4-6 weeks post-launch, and then there will be a Tier 2 of content (a couple of new dungeons, increasing the maximum Shard Level, and a new Raid) around 3-4 months post-launch.

I can’t say this is something that is going to be in before launch, no, but it is on my to-do list to look at. I’m not sure how hard they are to add honestly.

The new AH mechanics are opening up some new avenues for that we are planning to explore.

There will only be one legendary weapon for each class at Tier 1, but there will be a second at Tier 2. In addition, all pre-Raid armor is shared among the classes (e.g. leather wearers all wear the same gear), but Raid gear is per-class, so essentially the gear is also filling that role in addition to the weapon.

We have decided to do 30 for sure. I don’t think we’ll be doing 25 but we’ll see. If we do it will be a more “minor” trait. The 30-level traits are major traits that will affect your class in a significant way.

Unfortunately we are having to bump the Tinkerer back to the first content patch. It is still coming as part of Reborn, just not at launch.

I don’t know if that sound will be making a return haha. But we are experimenting (and you will see this in the Beta) with adding more life the city by having actual NPCs walking around and doing things.

Steam trading cards

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

We want to downgrade Expert to Hard or Hard to Normal in current orbus, some people that I play with have lots of hard/expert tokens but are like say 25 normal mode short from getting the pet/transmog gear they need

Awesome! Thank you! Will this mount be faster by any chance? :drooling_face:

As someone who is in a guild split in to two guilds due to member limit and then having a lot of friends in general, the friend list is something that hurts to use the most, really do hope to see this in shortly after release if it doesn’t make it in time for the release


Will there be changes to the stats on gear? Or will we still have vitality and magical/physical resistance only?


The “mini-affixes” are in on the gear in the new patch (e.g. +1% Crit Chance, +2% Crit Damage, +1% XP Gain, +1% Projctile Damage, +1% DoT Damage, etc.). They appear on the main gear slots, and start showing up on Uncommon gear and above. You can re-roll them like the “major” affixes as well.

In addition to that we’ve collapsed Defense and Mag Defense down to just “Defense”, so your secondary stats on gear are now Vitality and Defense. (Weapons still have Int and Str)


I see, okay. I will see if I can get something like that in as a vendor, I think it should be doable.


Will there be better mini-affixes on higher level gear?


You get more of them on the same piece at higher quality levels. The mini-affixes don’t currently scale per level though like the secondary stats do. My guess is most people will just take them as they get them leveling up, but then work on getting the exact set they want at the higher levels.


Just a thought about the mini affixes, if i get a level 18 leather set while leveling a ranger with all pieces having +exp and then switch to a level 4 muskie, will the +exp effect work or will it be like the secondary stats that we wont benefit from until we are level 18 like the gear level?


I think this was already answered that you are correct.