Reborn Spotlight: New Talents, Airship Dungeon, New Mounts!


From a blog post:

The servers for the current game will be shut down April 1 at 11:59PM CST. As a reminder, all of your existing characters, equipment, and progression will follow from the current version of OrbusVR into Reborn when it launches.

Since Reborn won’t truly launch until after April 8 (since that’s when the beta ends), my guess is everything will be transferred after original Orbus shuts down.


I have a concern, the armor I am wearing is not unlocked in my wardrobe, will it unlock during transfer or should I dismantle it first?


I would also like a answer to this. i remember the devs saying they would let us know how to make sure our stuff is unlocked for reborn but haven’t seen anything yet.

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This all looks very cool , I cant wait till orbus reborn comes out but will still miss old orbus (or oldbis).

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Pot mount looks cool , and now that I fully read it all I hope that one of the shamans higher skills for maybe level 30 is that his totems are now mobile and follow him around.

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So on the gear front for current gear, first off keep in mind none of the current gear (e.g. from Tradu Mines or Shard Dungeons or Raids) other than capes is going to be in the game appearance-wise right at launch. So you’ll still have the gear equipped, still get benefit from the stats, etc., but it will look like basic gear from the new game. In addition, that old gear will not show up as transmog styles currently (again, because the actual look of the gear isn’t there).

At some point post-launch we will add that gear back in via a retro event of sorts. When we do that, the gear will start showing up as a transmog style again, and if you equip those old items because you hung onto them they will look correct.

So either way doesn’t really matter. If you have previously unlocked the transmog style by destroying it, you will still have it unlocked when the gear shows back up. If you don’t destroy it and hang onto it, you can actually use it as your “starting” gear when Reborn comes out for when you are leveling, and then stash it back in your chest.


Are you saying that the gear we have on will not give us the transmog unlocks, so we’ll have to store it until such a time as those transmogs are opened for us to get that credit?


If you destroy it after Reborn launches you will get credit for unlocking it but it will be heard to tell since you can’t actually see the icon unlock in the transmog menu. But yes it will work.


Will we have to move the items off our stalls before the 1st of April or will they appear in our chest for the AH that’s in our house or anything like that? (potions are heavy and take a while to move in bulk)


@Rickness_Voidwalker In the case of us having to move them, I think you can just grab everything and do your home teleport cookie :sweat_smile: (or keep relogging for 1 big jump, will be at home with everything without 2 minutes)


Yeah but would be good to know though

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