Reborn Spotlight: New Talents, Airship Dungeon, New Mounts!


Hey folks, we have a pretty big blog post today chock full of information for the next beta, check it out!

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Oh man. Bard actually sounds fun now. Paladin changes sound amazing too!


Have there been any changes made to questing/leveling? Or any plans to change/considerations?

Also, looking forward to a lot of these changes!! And know a Ranger who is going to be super excited as well hahah


Cant wait to try bard again, and the change to shield bash…thank you.


Hopefully the airship dungeon has some mechanic where portals speed up if you kill the enemies faster? Otherwise the dungeon will be real boring for groups that kill the mobs fast and then have to stand around waiting, as well as making pushing for better times in the shard dungeon version only come down to dps on boss phases. Violet Hold was like this in WoW, and was widely hated because there was so much standing in one place and waiting, with no way to go faster.


Yup, there should be a mechanic that makes the next wave spawn faster after you kill them instead of waiting for the full timer. :slight_smile:


Wonderfully pleased with Bard, just what I had been hoping for (even kinda predicted the new orb that increases healing from all sources ;). Seriously amazing work.

Edit: Also forgot to ask if the crescendo for the Instrument of Defense got implemented (the projectile shield) @Riley_D?


Lol any word on the shield being broken after you die once? It’s pretty annoying as a full tank playthrough that you have to re-log everytime you die.


I am personally looking at that bug tomorrow. It’s driving me crazy too and I am going to get it fixed if I have re-write the entire shield haha.


trying to figure out which spotlight you read… because the one i read said there is absolutely no real difference between the old bard implementation and the current one (other than making it worse by adding more keys and some bug fixes).

The implementation is still the same… which means it will still be impossible to play well in end game content. You cant pay attention to the boss if you are constantly having to look at the notes falling down.


on the ranger thing. is the precision targets replacing the current ‘precision’ implementation or is it on top of the current implementation?


I doubt this will be a problem. Have you seen Semz play bard? Like any class, it just takes a little practice.


Then don’t pay attention to the boss :wink:
I was going to reference boss 4 for things you need to dodge, and the fact that if there’s a giant red box around you, you would still jump out. However, aoe’s changed in reborn, so I’m gonna have to use Treesus’s or Lich King’s aoe’s as example. With both of these aoe’s it was hard to see for most, mainly the tank. My group had to keep calling them out for him to dodge. For bard it is just getting used to timing your teleports to still hit notes. Also including a couple secrets you begin to realize from playing the class for awhile…

Also does this mean that bard’s new instruments will be finished by the release of the game? Cause there’s still the crescendo on the instrument of protection and a couple more instruments to meet the 10-12 instruments for the release. Excited if there are more :slight_smile:


“allowing for a full octave of notes which can be played outside of combat. The music that plays while the Bard is in combat has been removed in favor of just keeping the basic notes played from the keys of the Marimba itself”. <— This. I want to make a bard band lol and the old bard music was terrible.


I guess ill get to composing some music for the bards of orbus


the new mounts could potentially be a good idea, cant wait to see how that goes


Has any thought been put into the fact that the hammer raise for paladin is still doing two very different actions at once? While it is very good that he taint was moved off of the raise, now the raise does both orb generation and a anti tank buster move. With this change it is very likely that the way paladins tank will be to only use orbs generated by taking damage, because of u raise at the wrong time for orbs u are fucked for the tank buster. This then leads to paladins being a class where most of the time they are waiting to be attacked, using librums only once and awhile and the raise to mimick a warrior shield


We have given a lot of thought to it which is why it was changed, we may end up doing something where for example only pulling “Trigger” while raising does the TankBuster or something like that, but for now I think it’s okay in our testing. Keep in mind that not every single boss has a tankbuster like it was in the current game, it’s just one mechanic of many different ones tanks have. I think 2 bosses have it out of the 8 total in the current dungeons.


This may have been answered already but What is the Final date and time of Classic Orbus?

Will our Dram, Items, levels be Transferred after that day or before?

Thank for you guys hard work.