Reborn Transmog Spreadsheet - Covid-19 update

Some of you may remember my Transmog spreadsheet from a while back, well, seeing as there are lots of new players and old players jumping back on while they are in isolation, I spent a bit of time today updating the spreadsheet so it’s now got everything that is in the transmog wardrobe, if you notice anything is incorrect lemme know and I’ll get it updated

If you want a copy that you can update as you unlock the transmogs simply go to File -> Make a copy

Happy hunting!


Love this sheet, it granted me 100s of additional, - cough (safe-cough) - well-invested hours of playtime, so far :smiley:


Aaaah she is spreading the virus on the forum. Evacuate!!! :scream:

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haha im already sick but thanks for the transmog chart

dont worry she covered her mouth Scott

anyway to take precautions we should all stand several feet apart while communication on the forums