Recurring/ Daily Quests

Like in many other MMORPG’s it would be helpfull to have quests that you can do again and again like daily quests or recurring quests.

That way you could more easily level your other classes besides the main class and it would remove the problem that youre level 17 at then end of the main quests and have to farm the lvl 15 Worm things in the desert till level 20.

These quests could also be group quests so you have something that you can do together with friends that arent the same level as you and not at the exact same quests as you. Kind of like dungeon runs.

It could be quests like the escort quest for the pilgrim or the carriage at guild city/ wenderwood.

Or you have to defend some object that is being attacked in waves by normal, big and elite enemies that you have to kill with your friends.


I also would like to say that I am all for this idea. It would be nice to have a daily quest like complete a dungeon or something on the terms of that. Maybe even weekly quests.

The guaranteed daily drops from the new dungeons is a form of this. Basically, you have a very high chance of getting loot and each person who gets a drop is out of the running until the next day, and this is on a per dungeon basis. So 2 different locations at 20, starting tomorrow, and then going up to 4 in a few weeks.

I can’t wait to farm the dungeons for gaurenteed drops every day!!! :cowboy_hat_face:

And farm them more with the power of RNGesus!

Today, while grinding out level 19 up to 20, it became really apparent that there is a dire need for supplementary quests in the game. Sure, you can kill mobs and get xp, but honestly, having some quests to supplement that would be huge in stopping people from burning out. I love the game, and even I was getting pretty damn burned out by the end of today…there is only so many mobs you can grind before you start to lose your will to live. It’s pretty obvious post-level 15 but it becomes glaringly obvious at level 19. Even if it wasn’t a massive amount of xp, it gives you something to do to break up the monotony.

Woah, so the guaranteed loot is daily from each wing and not combined? Hell yeah. Do we know yet if the loot tables going to be shared between wings?

The loot table is currently shared between wings, but each final boss will drop a token to summon the world boss. You will need to do all 4 to get enough to summon it.

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