(Redacted) movie missing


I coudn`t see the movie of (Redacted). The screen was grey.
Can someone be so kind and record the movie, so I know what I have missed?

March Hare

Sorry about that, I will PM you a link to watch it, that should be fixed in today’s patch.

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sorry for the spoiler. I will take into consideration in the future.

No worries at all! We can always edit it out.

Could I also get a link too? I believe it was the same video, the one that was shown in guild city’s center? Was disappointed I didn’t get to see what happened yesterday upon completing that quest :frowning:

Sure, I’ll PM it to you.

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I had something weird happen with a video when I was meeting Roma in his room at the university. I could see the video, but I had no audio. When I press the menu button (Oculus Home Dash beta), I could hear the audio while in the Oculus menu, but then I couldn’t see the video.

Was this with yesterday’s patch?

It was yesterday (the 27th) evening EST. Maybe around 6 pm or later.

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