Refresh potion and/or effects timer

Could we possibly get a potion that when consumed removes potion effects, please? It can be frustrating having to wait for pots to drop sometimes, especially with no indication as to how much longer they’ve got. Maybe some form of time could be added as well to gauge how long the effects have left. Also could be used in case of emergency Ithecac (We’ve all been there, right?)


What status effects are you trying to cleanse? I really only use the combat potions and fish attractant, can’t think of a potion that I would need to erase.

Ideally, there should be a way to cancel a potions effect, or any buff for that matter, without the need for another potion. And a timer showing how much time is left would be very cool.


Could be trying to get rid of the combat potions. There are plenty of times I’ve personally wanted to go without pots but had to wait it out.

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Go without pots? What blasphemy is this?

Sounds like you and Shuga need to be nerfed.

For testing purposes, or doing dungeon queueueueue after shards/raids. Aggro is already rough enough for low level tanks lol

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Yeah, mainly for testing purposes. I logged in to gather some numbers and ended up waiting in headset for 25 mins before giving up and letting them afk. I was really hoping they would have dropped sooner haha

Would love a timer, great QoL feature

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