Regarding leveling and exp. (Dungeons vs Events vs Missions)

Since people here like numbers, does anyone have some numbers for leveling via events or via missions?

Those who know me know that I basically just do dungeons all day long unless I’m teaching someone how to play or how to do something or otherwise helping another player. I don’t really level with events though I do my weeklies/dailies (Weeklies I learned about basically by reaching level 20 while leveling multiple classes. I don’t do fishing or pvp weeklies, though I did finish the leveling quests).

It took me, as a new player without prior information on the game, about 9 in-game days to hit 30 on all classes. This appears to includes time I spent overleveling, waiting around in town, teaching players, and other tasks that do not give exp. (The time is based on armory time). The reason why I mention new player is because I learned most of the dungeons by trial and error in runs that took long enough that enemies respawned and didn’t know how exp worked until later.

This took about 49 real life days or 7 weeks. In terms of in-game time, that is about 233 hours when I hit 30 in all classes. If we were to calculate that in a different manner, we can assume that 233/8=29 hours per class. 233/5=46 hours per class if we look at removing the mission exp. So around 50 hours per class if we also remove event exp. But, I’d estimate that I spend about 2 hours per 8 hours I play doing non-exp stuff like teaching other players. So 29*3/4 = about 22. 46*3/4 = about 35 hours. 50*3/4 = about 38 hours. So 38 hours would be about the time it would take me to level up a character to 30 using only dungeons. This is somewhat estimated and was not done with absolute maximum efficiency, but should still be accurate enough to use if someone has the numbers for leveling via events and leveling via missions. The reason why I mentioned real life time as well is because that is what missions and events revolve around while dungeons revolve around waiting in queue.

I only started doing the MSQ when I was leveling up my last classes to 30. I also hit level 30 before doing the anniversary questline, which rewards a decent amount of exp, so while the MSQ does have an effect on my exp, it is not a major source of my exp.

This confuses me a bit. You’re taking the total time and dividing it by a random 5? What does the 5 represent here?

I think his math is a little off here, I’ll look through it and see if I can fix it.

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I’m talking about removing the mission and event exp which is about 3 classes’ worth.

The math won’t be exact since I didn’t do dungeons nonstop with a group vs dungeons with only queues. A lot of time was spent just talking with people, helping out others, etc. Since I don’t have an exact amount of time, I tried to err on the side of more time spent in dungeons and less time spent idle. (So the actual time that it took per class should actually be less than what I stated).

I really doubt that the mission and event xp is 3 classes’ worth of experience because that seems like a lot of experience for three classes.

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has anyone figured out how much exp it takes for each level?
seems like it would be useful to have

As I was trying to say, I err’ed on the side of it taking longer. The actual time should be less than what I stated (since I estimated 3 characters’ worth, but it is probably closer to 2 and I understated the amount of time I spent idle), but it should be close enough to have an idea if there is a clear difference between the time to level for each method or if more detailed testing is needed. (Basically, if it takes significantly longer to level with one method, then it becomes clear that the method is slower. If the numbers are relatively close, then more detailed testing is needed.

Basically, we know the maximum time it could have taken and a rough idea of what area the numbers should fall into based on a conservative estimate (erring on more time needed). So if say events and dungeons take 30-50 hours, then more testing is needed, but if it is say 10 hours or 60 hours, then it is a fairly clear difference as far as in-game time goes. Though the IRL time also needs to be factored in for Events and Missions (including travel time, though for missions we could assume scavenging and critter capture for the 5 dailies at least).

(And I was going to try to keep track of exp per level, but it is hard to keep track of).

For overleveling I think it takes 112,500 XP points to get a single level. But at level one, it only takes 3750 XP points to level up. So each time you need to get an additional 3750 as well as everything on the prior level.

The math checks out there at least. That puts it at about 9-10 missions to level from 29 to 30 then (since they give around 13k per turn in at level 29). There are a few levels where the exp for missions jump a bit.

I’m looking at this: OrbusVR: Efficient Leveling/How to Power Level - YouTube and it says that it takes around 9 missions when there is an XP bomb, normally it would take 12 missions to level up.

Well, it also varies a bit depending on pvp and xp gear, but I sometimes get 17k with an exp bomb, sometimes 15k, sometimes 13k. I suspect there is something buggy with missions and exp bombs, but I normally would get about 12.xK (rounding to 13k) without a bomb, 15.xk with a bomb (rounding down to 15k) and 17.xk with a bomb and a high level (25+) character. I half suspect 15k is when pvp bonus is applied and 17k is when bomb bonus is applied as I get 12k without a bomb on the same level range character. (13*110%=14.3, 13*125%=16.25, 13*135%=17.55). Sometimes with a bomb, I’ll still get in the 12k-13k range and changing shards/relogging might bump it up to the 15k/17k range.

112/13=8.x or 9. 112/15=7.x or 8. 112/17=6.x or 7. So it should take 9/10 without a bomb and 7 with full bomb+pvp bonuses

Lower level characters seem to get less exp as well, so it seems to me that either the exp numbers are off or the video was using a lower level character’s exp to judge. The same goes for dungeons end rewards though in terms of exp gained being more on higher level characters.

If you’re turning in a mission when gold, you should get 12k, 15k with EXP bomb. If you see an EXP Bomb and you only get 12k, then switch shards and try again. If none of them work, then try again later. It’s a known problem.

So just a small detail I thought I’d point out, Riley intended for it to be this way. If you’re saying it’s too short, think of 1-29 as the tutorial and 30 to be when the game really starts.


I wholeheartedly agree.

How do you always… No, I’m not saying that at all.

I’m saying that we should actually consider learning what each leveling method takes to level so that we have a better idea of what actually gives the fastest leveling. People say dungeons are slow for exp, but I found dungeons to be the fastest (especially if you have a group, but even without one). I haven’t seen anyone bother to do actual testing to see what actually gives the best exp for level 1-30.

With missions, we need to consider the time to find materials/kill enemies for weeklies, though we can expect a shorter time period for dailies once you are high enough to just do 5 dram/breakdown/mouse missions (though that would require not doing any of the other missions or spending some tokens on random missions to fill up those slots). We also have to consider in the limiter of 5 per day for dailies and 2 per npc per week for weeklies (plus the time to do each mission).
Another thing to consider is that since you do not gain weeklies until level 20, so going purely off of missions would be slower at first until hitting level 20, which means later classes would be faster than the initial class.

With events, we need to consider in the time it takes for an event to pop, the time to do the event, as well as travel time between events. (Also there is a difference between if you know ahead of time when things are going to pop and if you don’t (ie. untethered quest vs pc since you can’t use the interactive map on quest and it isn’t as easy to check a website on the quest))

With dungeons, we could take daily bonus into consideration - roughly 3 times as much including the base.

In addition to that, it is worth considering the completion exp increase as you go up an exp tier.

Obviously, combining the three would give the best exp gain for the time, but many people say that leveling via dungeons is inefficient. I’d like to see proof of or proof otherwise.

Any class that is lower level than your highest level class will gain a 30% exp bonus as well. Make sure that is factored in when comparing numbers.

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I don’t think that would matter that much though in terms of the overall unless you purposefully keep all your classes even in exp+level. (Since that bonus would apply to every method).

I mention PvP since it can apply to missions/events.

Let me rephrase, it means you will get 30% less exp on your first level 30. It would matter overall because if the testing is done on a fresh account, then it is losing 30% over somebody testing on an alt class on a level 30 account. It is something that could very easily get in the way of testing, as not many people seem to realize it exists.


That is true enough. I didn’t think about that since I was thinking more in terms of full test of 1-30 of all classes and using that as a basis for the time it takes, but it makes sense that most people wouldn’t want to test that.

Also what is the point in testing that? Leveling doesn’t even take that long in this game, and spending hours testing just to see the difference in exp gains just doesn’t seem worth it to me.