Reminder: Dev Boss Battles Saturday!


Hi, this is a quick reminder that you can fight some of the dev team tomorrow throughout the day! We’ll be dressed in spooky attire and I bet you’ve been looking forward to slaying us.

This will take place at 8 AM, noon (12 PM) and 4 PM Central US Time.
Go to the Hulthine’s Basin teleport pillar and we should be on one of the platforms pretty close by.

This is purely for fun and not for any in-game rewards so don’t stress if you can’t make it, but it should be a good time!

Also a quick video of the one we did during beta -


@Mathieu_D will it be at the same area in halthines like in the beta


Yeah around that place.


Ty that was real fun again :slight_smile:


Definitely fun.

As a quest player I crashed a lot, but I was kinda expecting that, especially when outlander actually “won” one by just spamming minions and crashing everyone’s game. ;p

My roommate (also on quest) ragequit for the crashes and him being too weak to make it through the mobs in the area (level 18) to make it back to the dev boss fight.


Best open world PvP! … I mean, world boss killing event in a while :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be next, fight me! :slight_smile:

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Quest couldn’t keep the dev, other players, and mobs and AOE all loaded at the same time. I kept getting killed and not knowing why.

Was still cool.

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Thanks for coming and dying to my skeletons! :skull::skull: Damage is next at 4pm, can you survive his fireballs?

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My Oculus cable rip’d August 26… and Oculus will neither supply a new one (1 year warranty, I’ve had for like 1 year+8 months) andddddddddd they won’t sell them either…

“Our team is still evaluating options for customers outside of warranty.
For further information and updates, please keep an eye on our public communications channels.”



OMG it looks like they completely shutting down being able to buy anything of an Oculus Rift… I guess they want ppl to move on to the more buggy headsets… panic mode activated…


I’m on a Rift S by now and it got the very same issues with tracking like the Quest… already hate the thought of the Maeo-Boss comin back with all the looking up, guess we’re all screwed on these headsets. There might be parts available for the Original 2nd hand or other sources still, tho, amazon marketplace possibly.


Before I forget and the thread gets locked.

Personal favorite part of the entire event:
Paladin: “Aggro book!”
Dev: “Who said that?!..I’m comin’ for ya!”




Eyyyy that was me!


That was you?! I definitely chased the wrong paladin.


I was directly underneath you the majority of the fight. I’m not surprised you didn’t see me haha. Everytime you moved I’d Hammer port back to you and jump up and down to reach you.

11/10 fun fight, would do again.