Remove incompatible armor when switching classes


So I basically spent the first 10 levels of the game using my musketeer armor for my mage class because it had better stats than the mage armor I was getting — I didn’t realize that the musketeer armor I had equipped wasn’t working until i happened to notice that my character was visually not wearing the musk armor. Now I’m stuck farming armor for my mage because i’d just been disenchanting it all the wizard stuff up til this point.

It’d be nice if when we switched classes all of our class specific was armor was automatically unequipped, so that others don’t fall into the same situation.


The idea is nice and I had to explain that despite the statistic benefit shown on the character screen that a newer player wasn’t actually receiving the benefit of it.

At the same time, I’d like equipment sets so I can switch between full sets of gear on the fly instead of having to trade out each individual piece one at a time.


It would be nice if the stat screen showed what you currently have as that character. Same for using higher level weapons, they get scaled down but you don’t see the current attack power right?


Or even a simple visual cue… like all your musk gear turning red (like broken lure) when you equip your mage wand. This way you actually see a change.

And I agree on the sets idea


I second the sets idea as well


Armor sets would be amazing. It’s pretty tedious switching between classes.


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