Rep lore quest not continued?


I thought the Rep Lore quests were supposed to be updated with yesterdays patch so we can carry on? I can’t progress on any of them still, when are these going to be coming? I already have level 8 rep with one of the vendors and know others with level 8 rep with another vendor :confused:


Yeah I also thought it will keep going now :frowning:


The Explorers league quests, which are gained through speaking to Randel outside the gates of Highsteppe (the tutorial NPC), were added in this patch along with a few other siude quests like the Kings Dinner and 2 Brotherhood quests. There will be a patch coming out later(Hopefully not too long) that will have the rest of the Reputation Lore quests.

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But will the max reputation also go up from 8 to something more?

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there is no more lure quest for the salvaging and monster hunting npc