Repeatable quests for leveling subsequent classes

I’m no where near max level and am unlikely to get there for a while, but I’ve been taking time out to get gear/level up my non-main classes. I realised that experience for leveling those classes will come from purely grinding mobs and will thus take much longer to do that your primary class which benefits from quest experience.

Are there any thoughts to adding repeatable quests that could be unlocked, for example, once you have a class at max level?


I read somewhere that the grind experience is suppose to increased for off classes but im not sure if your main has to be max level to get that bonus. I was working on mage off class and was getting a horrible xp rate. So i dont know.


I think the other classes don’t get that experience boost yet. It was something that the devs have mentioned but has probably taken a backseat to more pressing matters.

Yes we are intending to add that in, so my recommendation is you focus on doing the quests on your “primary” class right now, and then hopefully in the next few days we’ll have that XP boost in so if you are grinding on your secondary classes you’re getting a bonus.


It would be nice to have the “kill” quests we did with our primary be repeatable with other classes. Just killing random stuff for the sake of leveling can get boring. Having a goal of killing things with that nice xp from the turn in makes the grind worth it. lol


How do you determine the “primary” class? I’d guess highest level, but gear may be a consideration also.

I’ve had a bit of trouble with this approach in my time playing the game. The problem is I started off playing as a warrior until level 4. I ran through many of the early quests that way, but then decided I wanted to switch over to a musketeer for more survivability. This has caused problems for me, because as I progressed with leveling my musketeer I became too underleveled for any of the quests that I had. I did some grinding to catch this up, but my character still feels slightly underleveled for the main quest line.

“Primary class” = whatever you enjoy the most.

If you feel underleveled for a quest, go grind your class up. It’s as simple as that. Musket has really really low dps though, so if you just feel like you’re killing things really slow compared to a ritz shield warrior, mage, or ranger, you might be right on track with your musket level and quests.

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