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Hello, I’ve recently decided to switch class because I didn’t like the mage one a lot, so I’ve decided to go with warrior and I had to restart from level 1. I’ve been grinding a lot, and this made me notice that there are no repeatable quests in the game. It would be nice to have them to atleast have both some sort of objective while exping, and a good way to get some exp that is different from just killing mobs over and over. A good example for a repeatable quest would be the one just outside guild city where you need to escort the pilgrim dude, it could just be made repeatable imo. Those quests could range from escorting, to killing a number of certain enemies, to even just bring special quest items from one city to another.


Definitely wouldn’t mind some Daily quests at the least.


I stopped qyesting as mage, ranger and musky, heard how hard grind was for warrior so saving it all ’till that :grin:


Warrior was my first class to 20, but the bonus Exp event before the raid was a big help in getting Musk and ranger to 20, so Mage and fishing is all that’s left. Still, having like daily fishing, combat, or crafting quests would be pretty cool, perhaps exp, dram, and/or item rewards could come with it, and give some people a reason to just pop in and check in on things.

Could also put Quest vendors or bulletin boards in the other cities and villages to get people around the map.


Daily quests would be awesome but player made quests would also be cool; you set an amount of dram and exp reward for the quest based on the difficulty and location of the quest, kill 30 redtails would give like maybe 500-1000 exp on completion but kill 30 bluetails would give 20,000-40,000 exp because of location and level of monsters you would have to kill. This would of course have a counterbalance as to not be abused by a group to level at an insane pace; for starters a high dram requirement would be needed to get the quest created from a vendor. Around 10,000-30,000 dram would be needed to create the quest on top of any dram rewards the quest gives out strait from your inventory. These quests would go for 1 day and then require 500-2000 dram to re activate them. You would of course be able to play quests; including your own; once per activation and they cannot be deactivated until they deactivate by expiring. This would give an alternative to grinding levels. Of course the numbers might have to be changed to make it not as powerful but that would be for the developers to decide.


Could be made by stall owners for materials vs dram/exp


Since the game detects ‘‘first 20 character’’ and therefore boosts XP for following classes… I wonder if they could implement a system where there are daily or weekly quests (repeating the hunting quests would be simple). And if you tried to do the quest as a level 20 the kills won’t count towards the quest.


You get extra exp in any class lower than the highest. So for example if you have a level 16 Ranger, you get extra exp on a 14 Runemage. Not just for 20, unless you meant a Steam achievement :thinking:.


Right, that’s why I put quotes bc it got the point across in a more obvious direct way. Otherwise I assumed people would read it as … ‘‘oh I need a lvl 14 in order to get extra XP?’’ So perhaps I wasn’t as direct as I intended. But my point was to add weekly hunts for lower lvl Alts for faster leveling…grinding + quest XP to address the op’s topic.


What I think is that you get the total amount of xp the quest gives; not on completion but based on the enemy kills. What I think is that you go to any area (Level locked areas. Frosted Spit for example you have to be level 15 to accept any player made quests from there) and when you accept a quest it will let you set the difficulty of the enemies and using a formula the system would determine how much the quest will give for xp, the dram reward and number of enemy kills you have to do is set by the creator of the quest. Dram rewards are given on completion. If kill 30 Bluetails is the quest and 200 dram is the reward, when you go to accept the quest it will use the formula x=bnd. This formula is where x is xp you gain after killing all the enemies for the quest, b is the base xp from killing the enemy if it is the same level as you, and d being the enemy difficulty (Same level, Difficult, Impossible, etc) lets say that because in the journal difficult is one above same level it is worth 2 for difficulty. If the base xp was around 400 for killing a bluetail then x=400(30)2 which would result in 24000 xp after killing all 30 bluetails. This makes assumptions on how much xp a bluetail is worth at same level and how much difficulty plays into the xp you get but this would be a good system i personally think. As a final note in order to stop extreme power leveling once you hit level 15 if you have a level 20 friend. The quest will take you to an instanced place (like pvp arena and tutorial area atop the mountain in highsteppe) to kill them all preventing a level 20 from helping you and preventing you from using a level 20 to level up quickly. We would have to worry about switching out to a lower level who can beat them to get a massive boost in xp quickly. I say this because I have a level 11 warrior who can solo kill the Lamvoran truffle hogs near the research camp and wilds. To fix this if you switch to a character that is lower level than the lockout level (Level requirement to accept quests in that area) then you will be kicked out of the instance and have to do a different quest as the quest you were doing will not let you do it again until it is reactivated.


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