Repost - Please change the backbug noise

Since it’s backbug week again, posting this again. Can we please have a new, distinct sound for backbug? It is the same sound as the shaman stun totem and it’s incredibly confusing.


Yes, agreed.

I thought back bug already had a distinct chime similar to the sound impending doom makes from the second airship boss? Are the shaman stun orbs making that sound too? I never noticed.

I’ve never heard a chime actually. Is there one? I associate it with a low buzz like the stun totem.

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I believe the initial noise of it appearing might be a low chime but then it’s definitely the shamen stun orb sound

Hi, I talked to the team about this and we’ll get a different sound in, but it won’t be live until whenever the next client-side update happens.


Glad to hear it! Thank you!

(Please don’t make it an actual bug sound)

I want @Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshka to the sound effect for it

I will happily provide random screaming noises for the audio effect.

Hey guys bugs here


Hey guys bugs here

There I fixed it.


I’ll record it. April 1st 2021?