Request for Linux support

I can’t find any recent information on Linux support for SteamVR from Unity, and I’m not sure where to ask. I know they had experimental support in at least one build earlier in the year, but apparently it was then disabled. It’s been many months since the last thread on this was posted, and it has since been locked.

Here is a list of games that support VR in Linux currently.

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Hopefully OpenXR will help make porting VR games to Linux easier when it comes out later this year.

Another thing to note, Unity (2017.3+) supports SteamVR in Linux now, though it seems to be buggy.

I second this request. Willing tester and bug reporter here.

I was just reading about some fixes to linux vr with unity this week so it could be a good time for looking into it.

linux is outdated software, why not just get windows…

In case you’re not trolling: no, Linux is just as up-to-date as Windows. Not sure where you got that idea. The kernel just got an update five days ago. SteamOS, Ubuntu, Solus, openSUSE, and even Android are all Linux based operating systems, though Android isn’t otherwise related to the others except by the kernel.

Just realized I forgot to link this, the issue tracker for SteamVR for Linux:

SteamVR for Linux isn’t out of beta yet, but it is usable for developers and hobbyists such as myself, provided you use Ubuntu (Valve’s only officially supported desktop Linux OS) and can follow these instructions to a tee.

Someone who doesn’t know anything about Linux… however, I must say that DirectX has far more features than OpenGL. If only Nvidia/Microsoft would stop being so proprietary…

Who said OpenGL? SteamVR, at least on Linux, doesn’t use OpenGL. It uses Vulkan.

I just noticed this:

Oops. Turns out it’s not ready for Unity apps yet, just Unreal. Hopefully that changes soon. Will let you know when it does.

I too would like to see Linux supported!

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