[REQUEST] Orbs, Arrows, Shields, future offhand items, moved to a dropdown


Currently it works as such: Orbs, Arrows, Shields are stored in the inventory. When you change class, you had to swap out your offhand items from the previous class to that of the new class.

Example: Ranger switches to Musketeer -> You must now go through your inventory and equip the 4 orbs you want, replacing the two arrows that already occupy the first two spaces.

The way I’m proposing is as such: Orbs, Arrows, Shields are no longer stored in the inventory. When you change jobs, you are pre-populated with whatever was used the last time you were on that class. To change which are used, ‘tap’ on the offhand slot, and a dynamic inventory window will display allowing you to choose another choice.

reasons: Switching jobs should be less tedious. Also it would be nice to reclaim inventory space that currently goes towards the many different types of ammunition we have. Additionally, in the instance where more classes are added with offhands, it will “futureproof” inventory space-creep. Similarly, if new arrows or orbs are added (or offhands for warrior wink wink nudge nudge) - it will also prevent space-creep.


While i like the suggestion, i’d rather have a wardrobe mechanic where each job would have 1 “template” for starters you can fill out and buy more “templates” as you go, which in turn unlocks more rows to fill in gear.

Removes the tedium while allowing different specific sets for different encounters.


I think that my version would be a functional requirement to implementing one like you said.


I hope to God they add duel wielding


However, if you were a player all your equipment WOULD take up inventory space. For this I mean things such as the sword and shield and different arrows. The orbs for Musketeer are … meh… I do agree those take up an obscene amount of space; however I only use a couple arrows and the two shields and keep them in my Inventory. The lack of total abilities/off-hands for those classes makes them reasonable to hold in the inventory, taking in the inconvenience. The musketeer, on the other hand, has a ton of orbs, and many I usually carry because it depends on the situation. Still, I feel there is a strong argument for them taking up inventory space as well.


This isn’t dungeons and dragons. There’s nothing immersive about claiming the inventory has to be realistically full.

By that logic, every individual bullet and arrow should take up its own space. I should see my warrior running around with 2 shields and 4 different classes worth of armor. He should have a backpack that is positively bursting at the seams and visible to everyone from space.


It’s not realistically full if a warrior chest weighs the same as a fishing net cape.


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