Request to Change Mage Robes (for both normal and hard mode raids)--PLEASE :)


Hi, I’d like to request change the mage robes from the raids. I look like a Fat Flava Flav, or have this big pancho. I actually had random people calling me a fat cat in highstepp. #feelbadman . The medallion is big, but looks like it is missing something. I am not sure why there is a rectangular slot in the middle of it. Maybe it’s missing a jewel? I know we have transmog coming out, but it would be nice if we got cool mage robes. Other classes have cool chest pieces from the raids.
Attached is the picture of the robes undyed.

What does everyone else think about it?
Do you like the mage robes from the raids?

  • Yes, I love the mage robes from the raids.
  • No, please change them.

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Please consider changing the mage robes for hard mode raids at least.


I don’t think this picture even does justice for how bad the robes look. They are so huge and puffy they hide your hands unless you are extending your arms out. The bottom part is completely undyeable. Without a helmet exaggerating head size, they look even more ridiculous. At the neck it comes to some big puffy turtleneck which is clipping through your chin unless you are looking up. AND they don’t even match the other pieces of the set in style or design.


They are pretty terrible.

While you’re at it, how about making the musky helmet cover your entire face with something that looks bad ass… like the ranger or warrior helmet… the chin strap thing leaves me wanting.



Honestly, I feel like mages are getting trolled with gear appearance. We are supposed to be dps cannons, we should look the part. The new hardmode helmet is the first piece of gear I decently like. The chest is absolutely horrendous. I look like a fat sumo wrestler. And what’s with the flowers in the t5-10 helm. Give us skulls, we are badass not hippies. For real though, the sumo wrestler chest is god aweful.


Crap, I just passed yes thinking that I was agreeing with the thread but yes apparently meant I liked the robe. I do not.


These raid robes also cut off the cape as well. If we do get new robes, can they be more slimming and not cut off the cape. Please. :slight_smile:


I feel like capes clipping through armor, sometimes quite a bit, could use some improvement. I’ve seen some warrior gear that hides about half the cape


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@Mathieu_D Can the robes be changed so it doesn’t look like we are wearing a fat suit?

Will expert mode raids have a better chest piece where it doesn’t look like we are fat or have panchos on?


While I don’t think the hard mode chest is the best looking piece of gear, I think that’s what the transmog system is for. You already can change it so it doesn’t look like you are wearing a fat suit.


I really enjoy the original wilds robes. Might farm for the wilds hat…


I agree, what happened to the mage armor from the original blog post for raid gear?

^ Yes please!


that chest piece in the picture is the spiro ranger chest, I’m assuming they decided that it wasn’t appropriate to reuse the model


I’d rather have the ranger chest piece then the fat suit. Can we get that instead?


Lol thats fair, I would have to agree its a lot better :joy:


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